I'm Considering a Bulk Purchase of Ammo - Good Idea?

Are there any physical stores that sell ammo in bulk? I don’t know of any larger stores near me for ammo sales at all.


Not many retail outlets sell in bulk, because they’re looking to maximize profits by selling in smaller quantities.


Right, that makes sense. Ah well, doesn’t hurt to ask at least.

Also, I was about to place my order and I got this message: Attention NY customers : In New York State we ship ammunition orders only to FFL dealers. Please upload a picture of your required documentation in checkout. Acceptable documentation is an FFL dealer’s license with an address that matches the ship-to address for the order. The shipping address must match the FFL or we will not ship the order.

I wonder if any local stores have ammo sold by the can…


Not much reason to be concerned with the effects of humidity for ammo.
I’ve inadvertently run loaded ammo through the washer.
It shot fine.
We once had a flooded basement that submerged a bunch of ammo.
It, too ran fine.
Properly made ammo, factory or reloaded is pretty much waterproof.
Maybe not if found on a deep shipwreck, but other wise there’s no reason to worry.


Store it in cans and keep it put up in a moderate temperature area. I also throw silicate packs in mine.


While I agree with what you said, I was surprised that after our flood in 2016 that I had about half of the 30-30 rounds that I tried at the range fail to fire. On the other hand, I have some ammo that I’ve had since the 70s that seems new. I have some REALLY old shotgun shells that still fire like new.


Occasionally, local gun stores will offer bulk sales of ammo. Their prices may not match the online retailers, but their prices will beat the single box prices and the convenience can’t be beat.

I had some 7.62x39 ammo (1200 round case of it), that I kept for 15 years and then put it to good use. It shot fine. I did not do anything special for it, just kept it in its original case and stored in a closet in my house.

I have some ammo older than that now and am confident it will be fine when it comes time to use it.


#1 thing that ran me out of NY

can’t buy ammo without the states permission


due to the low current prices I have bought almost 5k rounds in last 60 days…


Bulk ammo is the way to go - hands down. Store the ammo in a closet and you’re good to go.


Didn’t see my favorite place mentioned here…

But first, I always buy bulk because it is cheaper, and currently some states are starting to try and regulate it, which means it will become more expensive to obtain through local dealers.

The place I buy ammo from has a Prime-like membership, which gives you free shipping on all orders. But case purchases always ship free even without the membership. Prime membership also gives you a discount.

The place is

Here is the cheapest 9mm they have in stock

But I only buy brass cased ammo I know works well, so the cheapest one I would buy is:

And again, bulk (case) orders ship free and tax free unless you are in their state.

Here is the price of 1000 rounds (case) of that same PMC ammo

By the way, just received one of their emails about the memorial day sale. Ammo prices in it are non-Prime so you can compare the price of that PMC brand above to the email special for memorial day. Prime is better.



Those are great prices! I’ve only ran brass on most of mine too. SKS gets fed a varied diet though.


We have a few here in va


Ah, okay. Never heard of such a thing. Did not know that was the case in NY. Is it safe to assume the FFL charges some sort of fee for receiving ammo shipments?

But now at least I get why you’re asking about local retailers selling in bulk. That doesn’t leave you with many options other than Wal-Mart. I hate the place and won’t shop there, but many claim the ammo prices are good. Around here there are several local gun shops that carry bulk ammo so you may think to ask if one in your area can order you something in. Another option is if there are any gun shows in your area. The ones around here have good ammo selections. Although all the ideas I mentioned are probably going to be more expensive per round than an online retailer, you may find something to suit your needs.


I mean, they charge a fee to have purchased firearms shipped to them. So I would think they’d charge to receive all shipments. I would in their place.

Last I heard, it was something like $50 a purchase (though that was for firearms, and might also cover the background check fee?). I looked online, and we have a Dicks nearby. Normally, I wouldn’t even thick of it, since their stance on AR’s. But the stores circular was saying they had ammo on sale. :man_shrugging:

Edit: I also hate Walmart’s practices. I’m very pro-union. So I avoid walmart like the plague. But…if there’s no other choice


In CA, if you have a 03 FFL (Curio & Relics collector license) and CA COE (Certificate of Eligibility) many companies will ship directly to you.

Just found some .32 S&W Short rounds I needed at an online vendor, verified they can ship to 03FFL/COE holder and placed the order. Items shipped this morning.

We have a running list of vendors that will ship to Collectors with COEs on calguns forum.



Take a mini vacation and. Go to a free state and buy your ammo . When we travel I always stop at sporting goods stores and look for bargans. Next week I am going on eight state loop out westso I’m taking a pocket full of cash and a copy of my ffls license with a letter stating that I’m his employee.


Do you need a form of ID to buy ammo in other states? If not, I might wind up doing that.

I stopped by my local Dicks on my way home. Turns out, Dick’s policy is to not sell pistol ammo w/out a pistol permit. Who wants to bet that’s walmart’s position too? Not rifle ammo though, just pistol.

I’m going to have to contact one of my local stores and see if they passed a new law, or if that’s just Dicks. And then, see if they charge for ammo shipments, and how much. They might have ammo already available for all I know.

I do know that SGAmmo was saying they needed a picture of the purchasers FFL, and making sure the shipping address matched that picture. Sigh All this to save a couple bucks. Its a little ridiculous tbh.


no ID necessary in Pennsylvania to buy ammo.


Not for ammo but I alsolook for antiques or unusual firearms.