I'm go'in in! 😱

1st @switchpod , prick

yeah, thats it

So, its a bit cooler and I can be in the garage, WOOHOO

now, I have no practice at any of this, but, digging in I love a full length dust cover but not much for rails

SO, attempting to take this rail off and make it look good, so far I’ve had the little vice loosen up and its not straight, but its not ruined, so thats good, it was a 150.00 bucks, a lot to practice with


wood router bits will cut very clean if you can set it up with a flow of water…


I’m happy these bits work as genuine mill ends are pricey

made it this far, got it straightened


pretty happy with the progress, went off the rail :relaxed:


No rail? Well thats not very tactical of you.

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I married tactical, my wife went along with me last weekend to harbor freight and gamestop, the only thing she came home with was a machete, she bought it all on her own

I was so proud


Untail you piss her off.

Nicely done!!!
That little red machine is somehow familiar… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, so far its gone mostly unused, it wont fit my JTactical AR jig under it :frowning_face:

I used it for some drilling back during the July break I had

And a few projects the wife gave me,

I appreciate your comment as your videos were used during my RIA build


is in pieces awaiting a finish of some sort, I started one, plan to strip what I started, round some corners as I’ve seen you do, then figure a DIY finish.


Don’t discount the hvlp spray gun from Harbor Freight. It gave me excellent results when I did cerakote


^ x2 on this post. I have cerakoted many with no problems. It’s hard to argue $40.00 vs $350.00 when your a “home gamer”.


That requires an oven correct?

There are air cure formulas available, but I did the oven bake method… in the home oven. Back before I was married. It turned out great on my CZ75. Super durable too.

You nailed why an oven cure formula is not even on my list, air cure, more interesting though

If you’re just doing pistol parts you can use a cheap toaster oven in the garage.

Ah, my wife love trips to good will etc, I could put her on that and she’s be in, but, our garage is attached to the house and fumes are a big issue, I’d still have to do outdoors, how long are the oven run times roughly?

Wonder if one of those style ovens could run on an extension cord outside…

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Goodwill is where I’m going to look for my next one. I thought about a dedicated oven but I just don’t do it enough to warrant one in the garage.

Cure times are 250 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours or 300 degrees for one hour

I bet you could do it outside. I don’t see why not. The gas off isn’t smelly, but fumes are nothing to play with.


Hold your horses guys. This is all you need. At least This is what I do for the last three years for cerakote.

  1. Box
  2. Hair dryer
  3. Clothes hanger
  4. Meat thermometer

Cut a 2-3 inch diameter hole in the box.

Then place the hair dryer about 5-6 inches away from the hole.
Cut the close hanger to length and make a hook for your parts!

Hang your parts in the middle of the box and insert the thermometer close to the part, or the top of the box.
You can adjust the heat by cutting a second hole in the top of the box or just move the hair dryer further back!
Note secure the box from falling over.
Now you just made a oven! You can have it out side if you don’t want the garage to smell.
Have fun be safe!
Note plastic parts need less heat and longer time. I do not recommend any thing higher than 120-100 for plastic unless it has a lot of glass fiber reinforcement.
240-250 is a sweet spot for metal.



@switchpod, you get Ingenuity of the Year award for that one!