I'm go'in in! 😱


Thank you Brother. My paint booth is a 3’x3’x2’ box with a hole with a furnace filter on one side. A hole to hang parts and work with the spray gun through and a box fan on the filter side of the box to draw the spray particulates to get caught in the filter. I didn’t want my shop a color of burnt bronze.


Nice setup. I like that.






Good catch. I suck at this.


Any updates Robert on your first DIY job? Finished pics? How does it shoot?


Not an exciting update no


yesterday I took it out of the Citristrip bath it had been in for about a week, yeah, LOL, whatever that stuff is I don’t recommended it

It softened the paint and I got much of it off but it was just a bigger mess IMO, and Citristrip is supposed to be friendly, but it ate surgical gloves off in about 5 minutes

I’m going to plan on a media blast cabinet, in the meanwhile I’ll likely spend some time filing and shaping but shooting, likely a ways off

Working 40+ hours of week and the weakly pay check that accompanies it doesn’t speed any of the 3 builds I’m working on up at all.

And… Its summer in Fl so getting me to the garage for fun…eh…not so easy


No worries mate. Keep us updated. :slight_smile:


Not the C series. It is air dry. H series is oven cured.

I started with the HF HVLP gun and then went up to an IWATA but my situation is different.