I'm making donations.

For every new membership, we sign up using our links, I will donate $5 to that group in the name of David Hogg and Shannon Watts. Or, if we have a large number of memberships, I will buy a year membership for vets or disabled people who have fallen on hard times.

Join the NRA

Join the USCCA

I will make these donations live on our podcasts.

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. One, I believe in what these groups do, not so much about the NRA selling out our rights, but the training and safety standards they have. Two, while I was having major financial issues due to becoming disabled, one of my Twitter followers purchased a life membership for me because my yearly was coming due. I always try to do the right thing and pass good deeds forward. I have set no limit on the number of donations. If 1000 people use the links above, I will donate $5000, and so on. The links above must be used for my donations to be applied.

Please help make this go viral because I have one last reason for doing this, it will chap the butts of David and Shannon. And that makes my day.


PS, less than 24 hours after I started doing this, I had two NRA yearly memberships sign up, so I’m at $10.


That is some great initiative :+1: