Im thinking of getting A DSA FAL, any advice?

So ive been considering getting another 5.56 platform but I think I might get A FAL instead. . What should I look for in A FAL? Should it be inch or metric? Is it on par with the AR15 in terms of durability and service life?


I got one last year. It’s nothing like an AR15, more like an AR10, it fires a .308/7.62x51 and it shoots really nice.

I have two videos I did, first was picking it up.

And this one I’m going over it in more detail.

It is a heavy gun because it’s built like a tank. I have yet to talk to a single person that didn’t like the FAL


I owned one a few years back but didnt use it very much, my buddy says he will let me try his out and show me how to run it before I drop any cash this time. Are cast recievers ok or are they problematic?

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I’ve not heard of any issues.


Back to your last questions. Stay away from cast receivers if your interested in quality parts. Pick up an extra firing pin and extractor. I am partial to the metric parts due to having more options, and more original feel. If you get a parts kit rifle you may notice a loose rear sight. If you are careful you can put a small amount of pressure on it with a c- clamp to tighten it up, they came like that when they where new. Coonan makes a great recever if you go with a parts kit. Robert is correct they are heavy.


They most definitely an acquired taste sort of rifle.


Personally, I think the FAL is outdated. It isn’t exactly the most accurate rifle out there. It’s cool though!

I’d suggest the following build:

DS Arms SA58 Medium Contour Metric Fal 21” (Forged Receiver only!!!)
Smith Enterprise Arms FAL Metric 1002-24 Muzzle Brake
Magpul PRS2 FAL Stock
DS Arms Para Metric Windage Adjustable Rear Sight
DS Arms Extended Safety Selector
DS Arms Metric Folding Charging Handle Assembly
DS Arms Extended Extreme Duty Top M1913 rail
Vltor CASV-FAL Mount Handguard
Accu-Shot BT Industries BT10-LW17 V8 Atlas Bipod
2x Primary Weapons Systems KeyMod Aluminum Picatinny Rail Section
BCM Gunfighter KeyMod Rail Panels
Jard Metric FAL 3-1/2Lb Trigger Group
Ergogrip Metric FAL Grip / FAB FAL Grip
Aimpoint Comp M4S w/ EOTech G33.STS 3x Magnifier OR Trijicon VCOG
Surefire M600 Ultra Z68 Weapon Light – American Defense Manufacturing M600 PKG Mount Combination w/ AD-TacLever Upgrade @ 9
LaRue Tactical LT-FUG Forward Universal ‘Pillar’ Grip
Savvy Sniper Quad X Cobra Sling
2x ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel
Moses FAL Magazines
Maglula FAL Lula Magazine Loader/Unloader

Mind you: this is an expensive setup and you can’t use steel cased ammo in a FAL! I’d opt vor a Vepr, Galil ACE 308 or PWS MK220 Mod 1-M as they can handle steel cased ammo. I’m not a fan of it myself though. You really have to ask yourself if you actually have any need for a 308 rifle. If budget isn’t an issue go ahead. If you’re on a tight budget I’d pass. 7.62 Soviet is a cost effective alternative and great from a bolt action rifle such as the Ruger American Ranch. You’ll get far more accuracy out of that gun than the FAL, which is an inferior weapon system in the accuracy realm if you’d ask me. Also the technology is ancient, reliability leaves much to be desired in a sandy/gritty environment and ammo options are severely limited. The Galil ACE 308 does the same thing though and with better technology. It’s a 150-ish grain ammo gun though due to it’s 16" barrel, which will still be superior to 7.62 Soviet. On the other hand: replacement barrels seem to be unavailable and changing the barel on any AK pattern rifle is painstaking. Which is one of the reason AR and SCAR pattern rifles are superior.

It’s your call. Hope this helps.


@switchpod, Based on your reasoning one should avoid IMBEL receivers like the plague. They not only are made by a 3rd world country but are also cast.

@Minuteman, I would not buy a Moses mag.


Okay? Please, enlighten me? By all means, I’m open to your reasoning.

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If you want to go the 308 route regardless, I think your rule of thumb should be:

  1. Must have proven reliability/durability (‘durability’…‘coughs’) with steel cased ammo, because brass is simply too expensive.

  2. Must have effortless barrel swap capability, and those barrels must actually be available. AK pattern rifles are a headache for that matter.

As with all guns, logistics and ease of maintenance/parts replacement are key.

If I were you, I’d shop at PWS. Their rifles run steel cased ammo like a champ (although I wouldn’t use steel cased ammo myself). Another alternative might be the MDR or Tavor 7. I’d say the latter would have the upper hand as IWI really knows what they’re doing and is a larger outfit with guaranteed support readily available. I guess it’s just a matter of time before spare parts for the Tavor 7 become available. Desert Tech made a mess of the whole MDR project and the MDR isn’t that accurate. As for right now PWS gets my vote for various reasons if I were in the market for a 308 platform: AR familiarity, proper minimum barrel length for the 308 round, proven ability to handle steel cased ammo without issues, support and parts are available. You can trust PWS. Like IWI they know what they’re doing.


@Minuteman, it is not because they are not good (I’ve never bought one, but those who owned them at falfiles seemed to like them), but because what he did to people at falfiles:

Short version: there are people who ordered and paid for magazines more than a year ago and still have not received them. And he does not reply to their attempts to reach him. And then, instead of delivering the magazines he owe, he started selling them to businesses (DSA has them?).

@Minuteman, I would expect if enough Tavors are sold in the US, enterprising minds will start making parts. Case in point is the AK: there is now enough of a support industry one could build an AK using entirely US-made parts.

Digression time:
Since some people did not get my subtlety in another reply, I will be very blunt here: yes, I know certain parts – trunnion, bolt – made by certain US manufacturers are not in the same timezone as the original stuff in quality, but I thought there was someone else doing a better job.
End of Digression time

Another rifle with quickly swappable barrels is the Steyr AUG. With that said, while I agree they do not have field replaceable barrels like the Steyr or Tavor, both the AR and the AK can have their barrels swapped in a shed with minimal tools. The AR would need a quickly made wrench (f the nut is not one of those custom proprietary things) and a barrel press for the AK can be made with allthread and some parts or some other expedient.

@Robert, AFAIK Type 3 receivers are cast per FN


I highly recommend staying away from domestic AKs. The only thing that comes close to a good AK is the Galil ACE. Still, upgrading AKs is like adding pearls to a pig though. You won’t get any better accuracy out of it. I just don’t get the AK crowd… There is a reason why many armies use the AR-15 and special forces prefer it. It’s the professional’s weapon.


You are aware of the 90 countries that used the FAL you will be hard to find any that got them for free, which is not the case of the AK or the AR. One of the reasons the Israelis stopped making the Galil (not the ACE) was because the US was “selling” them for a few bucks. Other countries got them for free under military aid packages. Of course the Soviet Union did the same; I do not know if modern Russia can afford to do the same.

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Politics and economics aside, the FAL isn’t exactly the most reliable nor id it the most accurate rifle. As for reliability it does fine in a temperate climate, but any little more challenging environment is where the fun starts. Those very same 90 countries -or at least the ones that could afford it- ditched it for those very reasons. The AK falls under the same category (unreliable, inaccurate). The AR-15 is the best rifle system ever developed as it is an occlusive system with very tight tolerances that is sealed from the elements. On top of that its ergos are absolutely perfect and it is the most modular system out there. No rifle in the world is better than the AR-15. I have zero use for anything else. It’s the professional’s weapon. Many armies use it and special forces prefer it.

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I agree that the AR15 is an amazing weapon, but did you really just say that the AK47 is unreliable? The funny thing is that when I was training we would have at less one ar15 go down in I kid you not every class. The student would then barrow a backup AK of mine and finish out the day. I’m sure there’s bad Ak rifles and a few FAL rifles, but in my experience I have seen more ar15 failures than any other rifle. So hearing you say that the fal and Ak are unreliable is the opposite of what I have seen on the range.


What were the AR brands? I cannot imagine failures with any reputable make, piston or DI.
PWS, LWRC, Noveske, LMT, KAC, BCM, DD, Vltor, Adams, POF, LaRue, the list goes on, all quality ARs are good to go.
As for AKs, I don’t trust them and never cared for them. InRangeTV did a nice video debunking two myths: the AR’s alleged unreliability and the AK’s so-called “legendary reliability”. It’s really laughable because the opposite seems to be true. YMMV
Also, Rob Ski is running into problems with this or that AK variant in almost each of his videos, which is darn annoying. I think it is safe to conclude that the AK is garbage. The AR is superior in each and every way. The only decent AK derivative that I know of that has it more or less right is the Galil ACE 1639, and even it leaves quite a few things to be desired. Although most of it is a furniture issue, as the core mechanics and function of the gun are sound. IWI knows what they’re doing. I hate classic AKs, with their piss poor accuracy, their sharp edges everywhere, their sucky ergos and huge ingress points for dirt and debris to enter. No point in pony-ing up a rifle like that. Like I said Galil ACE is okay though.

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Yeah I have seen both videos you are referring to. The problem with the inrange mud test and rob ski’s sand tornado is the amount of debris that enters the firearms. In my experience running and gunning the amount of debris actually entering a firearm is very low. The AR15s that experienced problems had zero debris in them. You also asked what types. DPMS, Ruger, Aero precision, spikes, and a build or two of course. Most suffered from extraction problems in low temperatures. I completely understand your points on the more open AK 47 action area as long as you can try to understand that I’m giving you actual personal experience, I have no reason to misinform you or any one on the forum. The ar-15s that you mentioned being quality are very good. I hope you can understand that not everyone can drop $2000.00 to &3,000.00 on a rifle. The AK47s That didn’t have a problem where $600.00 to 1,000.00. Just a quick word on accuracy. I personally own 1 AK47 and 2 AK74 rifles that consistently shoot M.O.A. With quality ammunition.

Of course, I get your drift and do realize finance might be a constraint.

Rob has trouble with practically every AK, not only as a result of the sand tornado. Just for the sake of the argument the AK may or may not be an adequate platform, but the point is that nothing is made to spec, you see? A milspec AR-15 is a milspec AR-15, they tend to work across the board. AKs not so much.The '74 is a whole other matter in the accuracy department! Credit definitely given where it’s due.

The thing with AKs is not really the round, I think 7.62x39 is okay for what it does and there is in fact enough quality, good performing ammo out there: Barnaul milspec, GT, Wolf, WPA, Prvi, Brown/Silver/Gold Bear. It’s the platform itself. I do not like the ergos, the usually crude manufacture, the sharp edges and the loose tolerances. I like quality guns. The Galil ACE is a whole other ball park and can in fact bring the AK-47 type platform to Nirvana status.

ALG Defense AKT-UL Trigger
Lantac Dragon DGN762B Muzzle Brake
RS Regulate GAR-10M-R Rail Handguard
KNS Precision Galil ACE Stock Adapter (if one has the desire to get rid of the folding stock;)
DPH Arms Pignose Adapter
Vltor RE-A5:A5 Receiver Extension
Daniel Defense Castle Nut
Troy Industries Pro Grade Sling Adapter
Magpul CTR Stock w/ Enhanced Rubber Butt-pad 0.70" & 0.50 Cheek Riser
Magpul 5-Slot Aluminum M-Lok Rail Section @ 3, 6 & 9
Magpul M-Lok Rail Covers Type 1 & Type 2
Magpul M-Lok QD Sling Mount
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panels 6”
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panels 2”
LaRue Tactical LT-FUG Forward Universal ‘Pillar’ Grip
Phase5 Mini Hand Stop M-Lok
Aimpoint Comp M4S w/ EOTech G33.STS 3x Magnifier
Surefire M600 Ultra Z68 Weapon Light – American Defense Manufacturing M600 PKG Mount Combination w/ AD-TacLever Upgrade @ 9
Savvy Sniper Quad X Cobra Sling
2x ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel
FAB Defense Ultimag AK 30R Magazines
Magpump Mag-Dump AK47 Magazine Unloader
Thunderstruck AK-47 Speedloader

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I can respect where your coming from with consistency. P.S. you are correct in another thread you stated you get what you pay for, and I agree. Case in point a accurate AK in .308


That stock is gorgeous. Does your wife happen to be Japanese or you just like their blades?

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