Im thinking of getting A DSA FAL, any advice?


Good eye! Those are cheap display models from china ( gift), but if you like the real thing.

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There’s always parts kit rifles!

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Yeah I really do think it’s worth it. That’s only 50 rounds of .308 worth of ammo.


Sorry for the delay in the reply. I’m finishing a brake.



Would it make it any better if the brake was going on one of those rifles you don’t like?


So Coonan recievers are gtg but you dont recommend cast recievers? I thought Coonan only made cast FAL receivers?


@gunplumber is a top authority on FAL receivers, what to purchase and what not to


They are, but they have a much better quality casting and material. What I said is still true, a forged part will be stronger than cast, or billit for that matter. This reply is from a gal builder that is also a steel quality engineer.


I was just curious how that worked. Sucks that theres not really a market for FALs anymore.


One more thing to consider. The fal’s locking bolt does not have lugs that lock against the cast receiver like a AK47.On a AK After 2000 rounds your head space will be losing ground. The FAL receiver only has to hold the barrel and lock to the lower.


How do AKs go 50k+ rounds without headspece being an issue?


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yes, there is a lull in the market, so buy now before the next wave, take advantage.


Buy what? DSA is supposedly having serious quality control issues(accrding to Falfiles).


FAL is a fantastic weapon and if you are doing homework with intent to purchase we could likely narrow down the good,bad ugly, I know DSA serial # prefixes do tell a story, DS vs DSA I do not know about new inventory

But they are not the only option


Im still trying to decide what I want but I was strongly considering A FAL. I just dont know enough about FALs at this point. Is imbel on par with DSA?


Imbel is better in my opinion.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: a real AK47 has a forged trunnion and will go ~30,000 before accuracy starts to fail (barrel). Can a AK47 run to 50k? Yes, but at what cost.
The Cheap AK47 that have cast trunnions are having bad head space problems, and that is a issue you don’t want.
But don’t take my word for it, always do your own research.


Im just going off of this. They get 80k+ out of Wasrs before running into issues.


Yes, and they have forged trunnions.