Im thinking of getting A DSA FAL, any advice?


I’d recommend checking out the PTR-91 with the picatinny scope mount. If you want to get serious, look at their free float barrel model.

Then check out HK Parts:

For upgrades. Their upgraded trigger is pretty awesome and you can even get a M-Lok forend for it.


Are you a fan of the charging handle?


I’m primarily an AR-15 guy, I prefer the AR-15 charging handle. I don’t really have strong positive or negative feelings about the G3 style charging handle. The HK slap is nice though.

One thing I should toss out is to make sure you get a model with a traditional lever mag release, instead of the button mag release. Doesn’t matter if it’s a PTR-91 or FAL. The lever releases make reloads so much easier. The only reason why some models have the button mag release is because of crappy import restrictions.


I just like the FAL, the PTR is cool too but im just warming up to the FAL more. I like the FALs gas system and ergonomics, not to mention the recoil is much more tame compared to the PTR.


With every restriction, there is a work around!


The PTR is a carbon copy of the original G3 - uses the exact same machines owned by HK.

I’m a big fan of the roller delay system. The aftermarket support for the G3/PTR is pretty solid. I actually met one of the engineers over at HK parts and he was a real cool guy working on some real exciting stuff.


Imbel fal
This weapon is accurate and reliable and is a great choice
Don’t not choose a fal just because this thread has serious ar fan boy that thinks the more money you spend the better the weapon


People should buy what they want, regardless. But it’s important to realize some of the benefits of one rifle over another, such as the free floated barrel of an AR, or how it is completely modular.



Funny thing is the only member who actually used one in a professional sense can not legally own it.





I thought you Canukians used M4s?


This is a serious battle rifle


referring to the FN and we don’t use the M4 but Canadian specific designed AR C7/C8 (which we can own, a whole bunch just got surplused).


Did you like the FAL? Any big drawbacks to the rifle?


with the FN C1A1 I was able to hit a center of mass target at 1000 metres. Most combat arms types were able to qualify to a minimum of 600 metres.
When they were implimenting the C7/8s into the system a lot of the older NCO/SNCO could still be seen humping FN in the field.
It was a matter of if I can see you, I can hit you.
My load out was 7 mags and if we had to ditch or bug out from the tank I would grab my rifle from the turret bin and a belt from the 7.62 gpmg
drawback - it was a 7.62 rifle that was able to reach out and touch you.


I really really would like to get a hold of one of these but it’s really hard to find them and when you do there 6-7k


Is that on man sized targets?


Is that a 21" barrel?