I'm very honored


Full30 was kind enough to offer me a moderator position here, which I accepted. As some of you already know, I’m here a lot. I will do all I can to help grow this site. If there’s anything anyone needs, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


just don’t let it got to your head


I think they made a great choice! :white_check_mark:


No need to worry about that. :sunglasses:


Thanks. I will do my very best.


Huh, and you’ve been such a whiny impatient dick…

Congratulations :sunglasses:


Hahha, wait, what???


Well deserved! Congrats!


wow, weird, I only thought that and somehow it made it on the screen :flushed:

Go ahead and test out those new delete powers you have


I’m your huckleberry. :cowboy_hat_face: That’s enough


Congratulations! Well deserved…


Congratulations, Tactical_Reviews.

So, have we lost Tom? What about Nick - will he remain?

Good to know we will have at least one moderator that is and will be around.


Good for you.

Hope it comes with an indoor parking spot and your own office. :wink:


I’m one of Full30’s only full time employees, so I’ll be here!


Can anything be done about channel request submissions?

I reserved my channel a long time ago and nothing seems to have come from it. Since I’m banned from YouTube, I don’t have many places to post my videos.


@full30nick is the man to speak too.


Large scale? No, not yet. I’m only able to do a handful at a time currently and I have to do it all manually


The last thing we want is Full30 to fall in to the problems youpuke has. More content creators than they have advertisers for. IMO that is why YT changed monitized channels to 1000 subscribers, as well as randomly demontizing videos. Open borders never work.


Thanks for taking this normally-thankless task. I’ll continue to try to be nice to the snowflake and flowsnake trolls by not giving them ammo ---- unless it comes out of a muzzle. :wink:


So, does this mean that us small time operators who are starters have little chance of “getting started”?