In hot water at Compound media



Not finished yet but LMAO!

How did you find this show? What is it?


They contacted me about going on the show. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a blast.


And who are they?

I see the bastards woke you before the crack of noon


They’re just one show on the site. Looks like a really big channel with a lot of shows.



Tried to click a show, didn’t play, patreon type thing?


You need a subscription.


These guys are like no joke. It’s not two guys with a web cam saying look at my podcast. These guys are set up big time. I was more than impressed.


@Tactical_Reviews I liked his British accent, so how would I go about coming there and shooting your guns Tactical? hahaha…Nice video, nice beard!!


I always tell people, you provide the range and the ammo, and I’ll provide the firearms.


Good stuff, TR.


@Tactical_Reviews two things I like about that statement…1. Your firearms 2. You live in Wisconsin and I love cheese!!