In lieu of an ignore button


So we all know we have someone here chumming the waters with single links and nothing to say. That is until a single user responds. Then the chummer sets the hook with a long tirade of a non response. Most of that chum remains unresponded to. And that seems to be the best option until we have our ignore button. A lot of preaching going on and some arguments that do nothing to change anyone’s mind. So while I’m tempted I will not respond. Just a suggestion.


Sometimes if’t fun to make fun of them. I do it all the time on Twitter. Take a screen shot, post it up with a tag to them and a link to the original post. I let my followers rip them a new one. Not enough activity here to do that yet. If that person is here to stir the pot and not provide any positive interactions, perhaps removing them would be worthwhile. But I agree, an ignore or mute option would be nice.


That might be testable. If this guy were to be deleted I wonder how quickly another would pop up. If too soon I would suspect a real person. But I’m not techy enough to know.


I say if it’s a bot, make it go away. No positive reason to have it around. No positive exchange of information is possible.


I understand your line of thinking. The thing is we need to stay ahead of things, if you get my drift. Remember: the anti-gunners are watching us and our board.


I thought it was the job of the site moderator to eliminate persons or accounts that do not belong here! The douchebag in question, never has anything related to the subject of this site or interacts with any of the subjects posted. it’s the same person that was gone before and come back under a different name, shouldn’t be too difficult to delete when he pops back in


Near the bottom right side where it says reply, click the three dots. Then click flag for moderation. We’re not moderators per se, but we still need to do our part to keep this site clean. If a real anti shows up, deal with them as they deal with you. If they become jerks, flag them. Bots must go or they will take over the site. I’ve been an admin on several forums over the years. If you let them go, they show up in greater numbers.


Great suggestion. So is it necessary to flag each post or is there a way to flag the user?


As far as I know, flagging the post flags the user. If the admins of Full30 need extra help, I’m more than experienced in moderating and admining forums. In addition to that, being retired and disabled, I have nothing but free time. I spend nearly my whole day every day online.


Thanks, I’ve done dozens of builds which I will be posting up, I’m just spreading them out to keep threads alive and keep people talking. What I would really like to see here is an invite link that I can post, not just an Email invite that is locked to that single person. With all my social media activity I get 8 to 10 million reach per month. I would like to see this forum grow, I’ve had my fakebook page deleted, lost 115k followers, had youtube throttle me, had Google, Bing, and Yahoo block my adverting. The Internet in general is very anti-2A Losing years of hard work is frustrating.


I’m still waiting to get approved for the video portion. In the mean time I’ve begun pulling stuff off youpuke to a far more friendly site in case YT pulls my plug.


I’ll happily second the nomination for moderation/admin.


Same here. Emailed them volunteering from the get-go. What better moderators than active community members eh?


I helped build up a dead forum a few years back, it’s now GMforums Getting the most active members involved more really helped.


Not sure, I have however been getting real good results on my posted videos.


What the link to that one again?


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