In-the-ear protection suggestions?


I just cannot stand over the ear protection any longer. Need suggestions for ones that are in the ear.

What do you all think of these?




The in the ears thing never works for me
I just can’t get used to them
When we shoot something big like a .50 or something like that I wear both though

I ussualy just use the Winchester orange knes


I have the decibulz and they’re pretty great. Just don’t leave them in your pocket and run them though the wash.

The Surefires are popular, but I don’t own one.

As far as over the ear goes, crappy ones suck and good ones can be super comfortable. I wear peltor sport with gel cup pads and they are super amazing comfortable. Pair them with thin glasses that don’t get in the way and I have no problem wearing them all day for a shooting match.


Check out the Walker Razor line I have been using them for about 4 years with no problems other than the cost .


Great topic,

wouldn’t mind minimizing on the protection, used to use the non audio plugs but thats a lot work to keep up between shooting and scoring and if your not paying attention, boom, ring, damn

So I invested in the battery powered muffs


Honestly, I have a pair of 3M Peltor Tactical Sports, and I love them. Being able to talk to the people around you is great when teaching (I’ve now taught most of my family to shoot), and it helps in situational awareness. Plus, they are pretty low pro, the batteries last forever, and the sound quality is very good.

Peltor Tactical Sport

Other than that, if I don’t get to use my ear muffs, you really cant go wrong with squish plugs. They’ve worked just fine for most of the rifle ranges and shooting I do for work.

3M Ear Plugs

They’re cheap, they work, and you can stuff them in however many pockets you want to. You can get corded sets as well, but I never use them, and honestly, the cord just gets in the way once their in. I would however, recommend avoiding the wave shaped ones that don’t expand to fit your ear. (Like this). I just don’t find them to be as comfortable or as effective at blocking out the noise.

Hope this helps, happy shooting!


I run surefire in the ear buds. But I have muffs too. Sometimes I use both. Hahahaa
I have ruined my hearing, so many times I have to have my electronic ear muffs to be around other people while shooting. Or I will not hear them… sometimes even that doesn’t help.


Thanks for the suggestions all. I’ve got some research to do based on them. :+1:

Will update once I find a pair that works for me and I’ll explain why/how etc.


You mean youse guys don’t just pick up some 9mm cases out of the dirt, wipe them off on your pants and use them for ear protection.
No joke, that’s all we used for years.
They work surprisingly well, too.
Unless you have really big ears, then you need size .44.


I have the Surefire and they work great. They are extremely comfortable and no problem doubling up with muffs when needed.


I just went to Costco hearing centre and had them make me a pair custom plugs.


Whoa really? Does Sam’s do that? And how well do that stay in your ear? Pics?


up hear (here) they do (costco - we don’t have sam’s), they stay in your ears because they are molded to fit, and you have to “dig” them out if you don’t go with the string option.
I wear them for work because the foamies would give me a headache after a couple hours.


How much did they cost?




Not a bad price for something COMFORTABLE AND EFFECTIVE!


That’s awesome. Any idea what the dB rating they are?


I second the Surefire Sonic earpro.

The trick is measuring your ear to make sure you get the right size. For what they cost and what they do I think they’re a good product. Without having experience with many others, I’m sure there are others that cost more, but might be more suitable for you.

aI think it was MSA or another company that had earbud types that also had the same feature as the Howard Leight Impacs or MSA or Peltors with the ambient noise amplyfing abilities. But those were way out of my price range (over $200). I already have over the ear ones that have that feature and I like those.


if I was a betting man - 24-26 dbNR


All, I went ahead and bought the Decibullz to try out first. What sold me on it was the fact that you can remold it if needed. I may still buy the SureFire and or the Costco/ Sam’s option as well because I like multiple options in case I bring along new or other shooters with me to the range.

Will give my impression after my next range visit which weather permits will get next week when I zero the new reflex on the AR, flip ups on my 9mm PCC and my first outing with my Egyptian pharaoh called Maadi Helwan. :cowboy_hat_face: