In the works

So yes, the staging site is in progress, between my wife and I we have six court cases right now, one involved a hearing yesterday to terminate a PPO against me, while that was terminated the case did not make the leap forward I planned or still intend for it to make, faith requires works.

I’ve shared my case with the SAF, no actually communication with anyone yet, Jarrad Markle directed me to their intake center and I have automated support replies, it would be great to get their support but at the moment I’m told MI is not on their map, perhaps a change is due.

Anyhow getting Sixguns going is on me and I will make it happen, and while not a Dirty Harry, I do carry the banner for the cause.


Me on my way to my hearing to terminate the PPO



Holy F you own a tie…


Nah, left the tag on and returned it after the dance :man_dancing:

Sadly its crazy quite in Court, you need to bring your own music, I had Cornucopia stuck in my head the whole show so I was good to go :+1: