Incoming... from Ohio


Looking forward to interacting with and sharing common interests with other firearm enthusiasts on this forum. Been hearing about Full30 for a little while now, but after watching a video from MosinVirus today, I decided to jump into the mix.


Welcome from Texas


Welcome from Ky


Welcome @spook
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome! I chickened out before the third interview and took a different career path. Lol


Welcome to Full30 forum @spook Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome spook.


@spook welcome, I lived in Ohio for a bit…where about are you from?


Welcome to Full30. Glad you joined us. The more the merrier!


Welcome to full30.


Another Ohioan! I’m from Morrow county, relocated to Georgia.

Welcome Sir! Stick around, you’ll like it here.




Welcome @spook! Glad you joined us here.


Welcome to the mix! Have fun, share what you love!


Welcome @spook


Welcome, glad you came


Welcome aboard


Welcome to FULL30 and forum. Glad you found us.


Awesomeness! Howdy!


Thanks for all the welcomes everyone. Glad to be here.