Incredible Anti-Gun Bill Introduced in MN


For everyone in MN.

Here it comes

HF 3022 is now in the Legislature

– Permit required to own a gun
– Permit required to buy a gun
– Permit required to sell a gun
– Local law enforcement gets to deny all types of gun permits
– Local law enforcement gets to deny permits to carry
– Personal medical information must be shared with law enforcement
– All firearm transfers must be reported
– All guns must be registered (fees set by local law enforcement)
– Registration must be renewed annually
– Local law enforcement may conduct warrantless “safety inspections” of gun owner’s homes
– Local law enforcement sets “safe storage” policies
– Five day waiting period for all transfers
– Transfers must be done through an FFL (even between private parties)
– Fees may be charged for transfers
– Local law enforcement may conduct background investigation on transfers
– Total ban on any gun which meets broad “assault weapon” definition – banned guns must be destroyed or surrendered
– Ban thumbhole stocks
– Ban adjustable stocks
– Ban pistol grip stocks
– Limit fixed magazine capacity to 7 rounds
– Ban any magazine capable of holding more than 7 rounds
– Suspension of gun rights based on complaints from anonymous parties
– Recriminalization of suppressors
– Bump stock ban
– All ammunition sales will be registered
– Permit required to purchase ammunition

Almost forgot an important thing —

HF 3022 would also make gun owner private data public. This would include:

Number and type of guns you own
Your address

Anyone think that’s okay?



Wow. That would be a terrible blow to 2nd Amendment rights for residents of that state. Also noticed the 7 mag cap would ban standard 8-round M1 Garand en bloc clips. Sounds like it may even ban the M1 Garand itself.

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Wow that’s utter bullsh… Has Minnesota really gone that far left? I’m shocked something like this is even being seriously be considered for law. It’s even worse than what Commiefornia has on the books.

All people who like their constitutional rights need to leave that state and let them suffer with the loss in taxes.

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Hawaii already has all that stuff!even a retired police officer cant carry concealed ALL guns registered! Voted with my feet 2012 gonna vote again soon!:dizzy_face:



An internet forum isnt the appropriate place to mention what needs to be done but lets just say moving to another state is not the answer . The individual states are pushing this anti 2A agenda all across America and its a much larger threat then anything the feds can do.

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Coming soon to a city near you!

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That wont pass in it’s entirety. The intent is to introduce a massively restrictive bill, in an effort to force your opposition to compromise, so you get what you wanted in the first place. GIVE UP NOTHING!!!



It will never pass and if it does its the peoples fault…



Not to surprising from that state…sounds like a nightmare



Not here in Oklahoma



I don’t believe That the body of citizens are to blame for what a politician brings to the table. I don’t blame the citizens of California for the laws that have passed there. It’s easy and lazy to tell someone to move out of the state. Rather give the people information to help the situation. www.who are my will tell you who to call. Call them “ the ones in your district” and tell them to vote down HF3022. The people of Minnesota have knocked this same bill down for 2 years now. God willing we will again. Thank you to those of you who support the people in unfriendly states. I pray that you never have to deal with it as long as I have.



Clear Constitutional issues that would guarantee it is struck down if it passes. It makes me wonder if
the author(s)have ever read the Constitution or know anything about the law whatsoever. And I thought
all the airheads resided in California’s capitol. Guess that was a false assumption. Switchpod has the right idea. As far as I know, there is no intelligence level required to pass laws in America. But overwhelming those emotionally reckless legislators with outrage and voting them out should work better than wasting time trying to present facts to the inept. We still have the ballot box as Americans. Send 'em home to worry about someone breaking in and doing them harm and then watch them change their tune.

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An update for Minnesota! Small win for pro 2 nd amendment. Both universal background checks and gun seizures voted down, here are the stats, the nay is for gun control and yea is opposed.



There is always a chance of a “ back door deal” but these days a small win is still a win.



Hopefully the same happens here in Oregon.

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Just the fact that got to a vote tells me; you all in MN need to vote out a crapload of representatives ASAP.