Indirect fire & Results


Hello FULL30

I’ve been asked roughly speaking lately what are you shooting at?

Sometimes the target is clearly defined, sometimes not, sometimes its not about the target at all but about
what reveals itself once you start shooting.

I’ve been working to get people positioned here for a variety of jobs, all involve promoting FULL30

Many of the new jobs are best described as prospect positions, you might be in charge of filing forms and that makes you a prospect for the next job opening, or not, might be you have the best fit for you.

So, we have @Tactical_Reviews who originally I didn’t think was human (inside joke) but who turns out has a talent as a promoter.

So, TR, Dan, was a YT castaway who sat here patiently and did his time waiting for FULL30 to review and open his channel and when I spoke with him recently about moving up at FULL30 he expressed his opinion as:

Full30 was the only site that seemed to care about the creators. It was also the only site that I saw that had a forum. For this reason I went all in with Full30. Now with the podcast project getting ready to get going, that is another huge plus for me. What Full30 has to offer, no other site has. The option for a seasoned creator to get a channel, the option for an up and coming creator to test the waters with the community channel. The option for someone wanting to get in to podcasting to give it a shot with little investment. Full30 is creator friendly for all levels. Big enough to succeed, small enough to care.

Making words in to text is not my thing. I can talk like a man possessed, but can’t get that in text. That’s why I do videos.

Dan is going to be moving away from the small day to day moderation duties and into a bigger role as Promotions Manager, one of his initial projects is working with @brianpurkiss to get a podcast going and I understand some promotional projects are being formed (secret stuff)


I seem to have a fair amount of antagonists here ready to antagonize, I want to assure you I am aware of your desire to help in your own special way,


If I am successful in harnessing those super antagonistic powers FULL30’s afterburners will be lit up,

If not, an escape hatch will be employed to help with your exit.

FULL30 is going places, how about you.


Congratulations @Tactical_Reviews!!!


Thanks. Please direct all potential new channels to me instead of @full30nick, there’s no reason to flood him with requests.


I I Captain Dan! You need an eye patch, yes definitely an eye patch!


An interesting turn of phrase this is. :thinking:


yeah, what do you mean by antagonists, Robert?

can you provide examples? (by PM, if necessary)



@Robocop1051 offered me his forums guideline to use

but interesting turn of phrase seemed more fun this go around.


Interesting notions
Please expand


LOL, you crack me up

I was going to try and make a MAGA hat for FULL30 but MF3G didn’t have the same ring


I might have one of those.



of course you do

post your other photos of yourself as well ye ole savage you


Perfect, you should wear that in all of your videos LOL


@Robert you put a link up to a story about 48 Hours of no internet. I cannot find it for the life of me. What was the title of the thread?


Usually I put that stuff in the level II news stand, something for the level 1 people to work towards :sunglasses:


You never answered my question in that thread, seems like it might be a gay frog type of thing…


As I said to Robert, before I got sick about 5 years ago, I was a performer. I bit famous in this area.

I was at comicon

Most people knew me from my hammer.


Sounds a little dirty… :open_mouth:


Well, there’s other ways of putting it that made it worse, and I heard them all.


Lol :rofl:


So any new content creators need to butter me up. Bribes are not required, but… :smirk: