Info on the AK platform?




Not sure if it will help but here’s my similar topic with some suggestions.


Didnt see that one or remember it, thanks Mister_Torgue. Did you ever get an AK?


No, my wife got pregnant so I had to stop selling video games and I bought the single action wheelgun with what I had at the time.

I will still get one. :slight_smile:


Ive owned a Saiga , Wasr and a few more common rifles and know a little about the more common stuff but once you dig in to all the info its a little intimidating lol. I didnt realize how many off-shoots there are.


I got utterly lost so that why I posted. It’s almost as complicated to a noob as diving through all the ARs. And I am a noob with these two platforms.


AR15s were easier for me lol.


Perhaps you had more exposure. I was (still am) a pistol guy so long guns that weren’t shotguns were all alien to me.


But you seem to have found mosin nagants just fine.


Fuck yea! I’ve been a mil surp nut since I was a little boy. I knew what a Mosin Nagant and Sturmgewehr was even as an 8 year old. I had one of those small wooden toy bolt action mil surp rifles where I would run around pretending with my buddies we had Mosins and that we were in WWII. Man I wish I still had that little toy rifle.




Shopping for AK’s is not really hard IF you know what you want. My advice is this. If the front trunnion is cast then the AK in my opinion is junk. The bolt relies on a solid locking point to go into battery.
All to often the cast front trunnions crack or the material behind the bolt locking lugs gets hammered back and you loose head space in 1-2k rounds. @ZEKESHOOTS is now on the forum and he has a wealth of AK experience and knowledge that is impressive. Don’t be shy asking him questions he is a solid guy.


Bottle opener.


Thats what I meant, I opened up a few too many bottles today, I think.


If you don’t want to be like everyone else by getting a wasr. See if you can find an OPAP


I was thinking about getting an Arsenal or Saiga . Ive had an wasr and I want different without dropping money on A custom build.

-what are the pros and cons of going with the short krinkov style gas system vs the full length( with a16" barrel)?


Bump, anyone know what the pros and cons are between standard full length and the short “krinkov” style gas systems(on a 16" barrel)?




Well, a con is that the long barrel hanging out there makes the gun look confused. I have seen some slow motion filming of different length barrels with shorter gas systems getting pretty bouncy when firing. I havent heard many people complain about inaccuracy from this, but it is a possibility. The problems you might run into would be the gas port size on some of these, depending on where and who builds them. if you chop the barrel. you might run into a problem with the rifle being under gassed. Some rifles might even experience overgassing with the longer barrels as well. This is because some of these have been built for SBR or suppressor ready in mind. In any case. I would ask the manufacturer.


If you have your heart set on one. get one. I would. Toss on a fake can and call it a day.