Initiative 1639 filed in Washington State

I-1639 got the required signatures. There’s dozens of stories of shady and disgusting practices by these paid petition signature gatherers.

NRA originally won a lawsuit on that the ballot title and summary must be changed. SAF and CCRKBA just had their lawsuit over whether the ballot language and text on the petitions themselves complied with the law dismissed by the State Supreme Court. Secretary of State just announced today that she has no constitutional power to rule on whether the language and text on the petition can invalidate it so any ruling on that front must fall on the courts. New Court challenges are being put forth as we speak.

For those not following along here’s what it would do if approved in November:

  1. All semi-autos that aren’t antiques are classified as Semiautomatic Assault Rifles
  2. Raise age requirement to buy a rifle to 21
  3. Must have completed a safety course within the last 5 years of whenever you want to purchase a rifle (that’s more then one class if you want to buy another rifle later).
  4. Authorizing a $25 fee on purchases of firearms
  5. 10 day waiting period for rifles
  6. Improper storage of a firearm that gets stolen by someone prohibited of possessing earns you a class C felony (no definition of what “improper storage” is).
  7. Currently when buying a pistol you sign a wavier allowing the court or law enforcement to request your medical records relevant to your purchase of your pistol. This would be expanded to include semi-auto rifles.

That’s all I can remember atm. So basically come November I’ll be going to Idaho if I want to get rifles.


This is very concerning but not surprising. This once again proves pretty much the west coast states are overrun by mad liberal socialists. I don’t see this getting any better…

Are you planning on buying those rifles from individuals?

What. The. Hell. That is absolutely ridiculous!


Good luck Sir. This is disheartening.


So it looks like I will be keeping my cousins guns here I Missouri . I have had them for 20 plus years while he has been in the navy he is retired now but is staying in Washington.


Never knew how right this comment was until all these riots