Inspirational quotes


Post up great pro firearm, 2A, etc quotes.

It is easier to gun proof a child than it is to child proof a gun


ok, this is the 3rd recommendation today…

have they sucked that bad?


You talking about the ones above? No, this has nothing to do with that other than the fact you could add them if you wish. I also like using them on Twitter.


Nope! I’ve rather enjoyed being surprised with the quote of the day. That crap you pulled the other day of pick your own quote sucked! Ain’t nobody got time for that!:joy::rofl:


Agree. I like them. I offered one today (not great) cuz @Robert ask for them and the current one is two days old. Figured he was running low.
But it’s a good one. Two days is not bad.


I agree, I like them a lot. Make sure I refresh my screen every morning.


Tomorrows quote :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Have at it. I wasn’t sure how you did the quote thing, if it was a data file that the system picked from, or if you’re manually putting them in each day. But figured more quotes won’t hurt. Also, when people see their name at the top of the page, it gives them a sense of pride.


Awww maaaan


The Pawn Stars one is good.



He should have learned how to duck…



I’ll let @mquinn55 know you like it


He didnt?


:rofl: Nice…that is troll badge material.


Its not trolling, its merely a hindsight observation


I personally didn’t think that quote was monumental but it’s true and I laughed when I heard it.

He also said:
Politics has two root words
Poly meaning, many
And tics meaning, blood sucking creatures.


“When the right to defend your life is stripped from you and placed in governments hands, government controls whose life has value and whose does not.” - David Risselada

  1. Making good people helpless won’t make bad people harmless.

  2. Cain killed Abel with a rock…It’s a HEART problem, not a gun problem.