Inspired by my bride


So my wife recently built an AR15 in 6.5 Grendel. So I decided to do the same in the same caliber.
Also took info from some of the threads here and here’s what I ended up with.

Started from a stripped Aero Precision upper and lower. Faxon barrel and Fail Zero BCG. Used a cheap AR Stoner trigger that I may or may not change out. We’ll see, Daniel Defense hardware (probably gonna lose the fore grip) and a Primary Arms 1-6 x 24 ACSS optic.

Haven’t had a chance to shot it yet. But looking forward to it.


Pretty damn awesome!


Excellent sir!


Looks nice.


Don’t forget to give us a report after you hit the range with it.


No leaving out details if @EQuinn out shoots you either!:rofl:


Come on man! The odds of that are astronomical. Like 1 in 2.


I honestly read that and thought of Nina-Pinta-Santa Maria-Cortez. Haha.


Love that Handguard! Only reservation about going .308 is I couldn’t go with that Handguard love me some Fortis


:thinking: Does she have any sisters ? :rofl::joy: You’re a lucky man Mcquinn Thats a sweet build


Yeah… but…
You don’t wanna go there. She’s one of a kind.


Nice build @mquinn55! I am eager to hear the range report!


Let us know what brand and how your mags work. I’ve been a big fan of the 6.5 G but always heard the mags with caps above 10 rds are hit or miss. No personal expierence just hearsay from others at the range and “the wise old internet” :grampa: This has made me hesitant towards what looks to be the best all around small frame MSR cartridge.


I have some CPD 5 and 10 round magazines and E-lander 4, 10 and 17 round magazines that I will finally be able to try this weekend. The E-lander are supposed to be good in larger capacity.


I have 4 ASC 27 rounders. Never loaded more that 20 in them. Gun and mags run great. The elanders are supposed to be good too.


I won’t be able to answer that for some time as I can’t lay hands on any above 10 rds. Because… you know…Ca.

What I do know is that Elena bought two 6.8 mags at a gun store in 29 Palms because we could find nobody who stocked them for 6.5G. Those seemed to work fine, however they too are only 10 rounds.

I should also take this opportunity to acknowledge Elena’s help with her experience in my build. It was a first for both of us.


Nice lookin rifle, CPD high capacity mags work. I had a good run in with the big wheels at ASC mags. I ordered five of their mags and they were horrible. 3 in 6.5 and two in 224 Valkyrie. two of them were welded so bad they wouldn’t even go in the magwell. Only one of the 15 rounders worked. They claimed because I didn’t order directly from them the mags were probably old.


I just ordered some 10 round C Products from Primary Arms. I’ll report back how they do.


Finally got to shoot the Grendel. I had one mag malfunction with chambering the first round from a full E-LANDER 10rd. I didn’t go back to retest this mag. The 4 and 17 round magazines from E-LANDER and 5 and 10 round from CPD worked flawlessly.


Good to know wish magpul, lancer or Daniel Defense would roll out something reliable in the 25+ Capacity class.