Instead of redoing the bluing, what other options are there?


One of the things I want to do once the wife gives birth is to buy another Star BM and have it refinished in something other than just re-bluing it as it would be for my EDC. For the gunsmiths out there, what options do I have? And to go with that what sort of cost would they be?

I saw there is a stainless factory model but I’m thinking about something the opposite of shiny and more for durability/resist corrosion.



Sometimes you just have to have them cerakoted. Here is a p-64 I had gotten that had a little rust setting on the slide. Cerakoted it burnt bronze.


If you really wanted it to be rust proofed you could have it parkerized with a zinc base and a Cerakote top finish! That would be very impermeable!


What’s something like that run to have someone do it? And what part of the handgun wouldn’t be coated? Because I’m assuming the magwell and inside the slide are off limits…


Looks pretty neat!


My vote is for parkerizing and then Cerakote.


Honesty I couldn’t tell you because I just do that stuff myself. It can’t be cheap.
The next time I park something or cerakote should be this year. I will do a step by step.
Everything that is a ferrous metal you can do. Never do the inside of a barrel or chamber.


You CAN do it yourself! For a pistol get a cheap stainless steel pot/tongs/wire for the parkerizing, and an hvlp spray gun from Harbor Freight for the Cerakote. The parkerizing solutions and Cerakote are sold in small quantity kits. I did all this in my garage.


Well, I am a big fan of Cerakote but as @srdiver pined one of my posts yesterday… it does show I am a little biased.

If you have some Cerakote questions let me know.


I’d place refinishing a gun similar to painting a car.
Best left to those with the experience to know all the things not to do.
Trying to correct a botched job would be torment.


You should buy a used pistol with no historical value and try it. I truly enjoyed the experience and you may end up with something unique that you’re proud of.


Funny, on my refinishing policies I state:

“When you approve work to be completed, you are authorizing me to DESTROY the existing finish of the firearm or item that you send to me. I will not be held responsible for the loss of “collectors value” of the firearm or item being refinished.”

Some guns should just be preserved instead of refinishing.


I vote park and cerakote as well.

Later on I will be posting a video on parkerizing I did on my balcony.


I suck at making things with my hands. With how OCD I am about my own personal work / projects I would never be satisfied with my own work and I would end up ruining probably everything. Plus I’d rather pay someone who does this sort of thing for a living to get a quality job–thus contributing to their business.

Also, is a Star BM historically significant enough to not take one that’s already lost most of its bluing and turn it to something a little more durable and weather resistant for EDC? I know there are not a whole lot made but they aren’t really much of a collector’s item enough to warrant not touching at least one of them. In 20+ years maybe, but in 20 years there will be so few complete pistols in fully working order that it won’t matter unless someone starts reproducing the parts.

Keep in mind this is an exploratory thread, so thing’s concrete yet.


If ever there were a reason to buy two! Squirrel one away, and do what you need to do to your EDC.