I have heard a lot of hype about buying insurance to protect one’s self when that situation occurs and you have to pull the trigger. My question is, has anyone run into this situation and uses the insurance for attorneys and such? Was it worth the investment?..cheers in advance!


I have it, in my self defense situation i did not end up needing it. Its a good idea if you have significant personal resources.


Hello Sarge, I’m going to have to take a deeper look into this…!


They basically come in two different types. Insurance pays during the incident and insurance pays after you are proven innocent. This can be HIGHLY impactful when you are arrested as the first thing you are going to need is a lawyer.


I was just talking about this with a client last night!
For me, even though i am more likely than most people to have to use my firearm to defend myself (store owner ) i am not willing to pay the minimum of $300.00 a year to defend myself if I have to discharge my weapon.
I have video cameras for that.
If it wasnt the insurance companys wanting to extort that much money… then I would think about it… but to me, while some insurance seems to be logical… most of it is not in my opinion.


Thanks for your thoughts…being in the medical field, I came across a patient once who was apart of a church program that he pays into ( much cheeper than health insurance plan) which covers for instances in which he was in. I wonder if they have something like that but for attorneys? Wouldn’t be a bad concept to start, non for profit of course…low cost but there when you needed them defending your rights and not a reimbursement type scenario…


The issue I see is that we are a society of suing people…
But, thats doesnt change the fact that I am not going to pay for insurance for every possible scenario.
Because pretty soon, only the insurance companies have your money because you are running scared.
I would like to know how many people who DC actually have to use their weapons. .001%?
What ever the number, it is so low that insurance for it is not worth the expense to me.


My entire attitude is changing the older I become on quite a few things… insurance is one of them… hahhahah


My wife and I have insurance through USCCA.
I’m not too worried about a criminal charge in a self defense situation but the family sueing in civil court can go wrong easily and cost you everything.
You can win both a criminal and civil case and end up broke just from the cost of your defense.

We figure it’s worth it for us.


I make good money and I have NICE things. Insurance is a SMALL price to pay to secure them.


That I understand… me, I am setting up everything so I own nothing…


Right and if we lose, there’s a $1Milliion umbrella policy on the house. For a couple hundred a year, it’s worth it.


A lot of it depends on the laws in your state . Here in Missouri if you are found to be justified in using your firearm . You can not be sued and if they do take you to court and the case is tossed out the person that filed it pays all cost .


Sure is worth it to mull over, I am reminded of a comment I heard saying “hang all the lawyers”, think it was Shakespeare. Anyway, this topic is part of the thought processes needed in the midst of protecting yourself and family before it is necessary to take critical measures.


It’s a little different here in FL, quite a few are CCW holders…


Don you carry CCW insurance?


Some times a man got to do what a mans got to do, and if taking a life to protect his loved ones then consequences are little if not just…cheers!


No the two times I have had to draw my gun I did not have to fire a shot and was in my own home . So under our stand your ground law and castle doctrine Even if I had I would have been cleared .


It seems like a double edged blade…but I know if I had to choose then family first!!


Cheers for your thoughts, anyone you know ever been through something like that?