We did have one guy that shot thru his steel door at two people trying to break in . He used a 30_30 and killed one and wounded the other with one shot and yes it made quite a mess . But the law refused to charge him and charged the wounded one with murder among other things . Then t he local DA told their family that they could not sue.


Now thats good ending, its shameful to protect you and loved ones then worry about getting charged for murder. Im glad the situation turned out the way it did…cheers!


Not that I know personally. I guy in in a class I took said a friend of his spent about $15k to defend himself for an assault with a deadly weapon charge for pulling his gun on someone. He won his case but it cost him. The topic of insurance came up right after that.

Now I understand that falls into the “I heard it from a friend who knows a fellow who says it’s true” catagory.
But in Calif. it’s believable enough.


If I lived behind enemy lines I would pay for the insurance . But being in a free state I will hold off for now.


Thanks for your input…cheers!!


Have to agree!! If I lived somewhere like California… i would have the insurance.


There is a reason why it’s calles the red state…although California is on my bucket list to visit!!


I have had to pass through California more than once. Mainly on my way to the coast to head north up 101 in Oregon.
I have decided at this point I am not traveling any further east than Billings Montana…


@RogueGunnWorks perfect, I need to know a gunsmith…but I do understand about driving in the “red zone “