Interesting 80% frame

Got this from Spectre on Gunbroker, maybe for next build. No ramp cut, no vis cut, no grip holes drilled. Link relief cut. Long dust cover. Square trigger guard. Frame like this has multiple possibilities. Curious about origins of this frame, haven’t seen one like this on any of the 80% seller’s sites.


ya gots some work to do!


I liked it enough that I bought 2 more before they run out. That’s year or two worth of “ya gots some work to do”


You’ll be surprised how fast a year goes by and if you keep the same energy the same you’ll be done before years end and shooting with a smile on your face.


So looking high and low google images I have found 2 samples of this identical frame in a more completed state, 1911 builders had one a year or two ago not available now, and the discontinued STI masters series. Good pedigree either way.
There are a couple of cuts that are tricky to finish, having a couple of end mills re-ground, an 11/16 pilot that I am having the diameter slightly reduced to .660-.665 and a .025 radius on the corners to cut the recoil shoulder, an a 7" long carbide .375 reduced to .363 for the bowtie area. I am also safing the edges of a 29/64 end mill to cut the VIS below the bowtie for non-ramped barrel configuration. A frame in this completion would probably be easier to just do the Para/ Clark cut with the standard length .365 end mill, may do that to next build if this method proves overly difficult/ catastrophic.