Interesting AK style magazines


Hey guys, any of you ever heard of these?

They look solid to me (although that floor plate looks like it could come off easily) and might serve Galil ACE owners well since the waffle pattern Circle 10s don’t fit. What they offer over any other reputable AK magazine offering is the window. Also, the body and feed lips definitely look more sturdy than the Magpul AK pmag.

So far, I couldn’t find any reviews or more details online.


@Giantspeed whats your opinion of these?


I’ve never actually seen one but fab defense makes some good stuff
I’m not into windows on mags but it looks sturdy enough @Rob_Ski uses fab defense stuff all the time
He may have had some of these


Those mags work guys, they can take some moderate abuse. Watch video this video this was from Arsenal SLR107R review, but we did capture footage from drops and etc.


Thanks @Rob_Ski