Interesting call to the VA

I had to return their call to set up an app’t for a yearly health talk. It’s all I get for a thank you from a grateful nation. OK, that and a pass to use the gym and pool, that’s it. So I make the call and someone answers. She asked my name and SS#, checked the rest of my data, then the interesting part happens… She tells me that the VA is screening for Covid-19 and starts to ask me questions to see if I have it. I stop her and ask her if she’s afraid of getting it over the phone. She laughs and the answer is no so I tell her not to waste both of our time and I got to the reason for my call.

But screening for CV for a phone call. The world has gone insane.


O yes it has, just went to the dollar general for a coffee maker, all kinds of new hours including closing early and only allowing seniors for the 1st hour, here’s the funny part, limits on items they don’t have in stock :rofl:


Some medical places have shifted to trying to screen people for COVID-19 symptoms before they show up at their door, so that they can direct them to whatever location the state/local system has decided will handle testing for COVID-19. This cuts down on a possible infected person sitting in their waiting room, spreading it to other patients in the waiting room.

Somebody likely wrote out the script, for the person that answers the phone and sets up appointments, with the assumption that most people are calling because they are sick or not feeling well (not making appointments for an annual checkup).


That could be JPN. That would make sense. And yes, the VA wants folks to call before showing up. I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from them stating that.