Interesting take on the aftermath of the continuing election

Yes, it’s longish.


Second, the mainstream media and the Biden campaign are already preemptively declaring Biden the winner. This sets the stage for a dangerous dynamic; consider what would happen if leftists go into December/January under the assumption that they have the presidency in the bag, when suddenly it is all snatched away from them? This narrative creates the ultimate rage scenario for the political left; they will consider Trump a usurper of the presidency and from that point on they will rationalize any and all mob violence. This civil unrest will be blamed entirely on Trump and conservatives.

Yep, I’d say that’s a potential nuclear :fallout:


#2 is what I’ve been considering myself as being most likely. Yet for some reason I like the idea, despite how much I don’t like it. Let’s get this over with while I can still move. I think a final showdown is inevitable.

Keep your powder dry.


So, what… no option for Trump conceding? :thinking:


This little bit is more than likely quite off:

but what would happen if conservatives, normally staunch defenders of individual rights, suddenly decide it’s okay to trample those rights in the name of “defeating the political left"?

I’ve seen no evidence to support that outcome whatsoever. Those to the right of the political spectrum have called for LE to stop riots, but never to prevent protests. It is the left that conflates the two of being one in the same with blathering idiots like Chris Cuomo asking where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.

It is the right that invariably warns of government ‘powers’ having far reaching and harmful unintended consequences.


Did I not say a few weeks back that it doesn’t matter who wins because the DSA/dnc was right where they wanted to be. Well guess what they are going to get what they wanted no matter what because at some point every sane and decent American is going to have to say “This is enough! It is time to feed the Tree of Liberty!” This is not because we want civil war, it is because we don’t want to be communist globalist slaves. If POTUS wins there will be unrest of extreme magnitude from the left, forcing us to defend our nation. If Biden wins then every evil hating red blooded American will have to fight to stem the tides of wickedness and evil that the DSA/DNC IS! So this is where we are. My suggestion would be for every single person that is a patriot, a Constitutionalist, a true libertarian to prepare in their minds and hearts for what is becoming more and more obviously and harsh and unavoidable reality.

And the three hundred said MOLON LABE.