Internet Browsers

Since the Chinese have purchased Opera I’m thinking on finding a new browser and looking for opinions,

particularly info on Tor Project if anyone uses it,

seems your actually inviting issues by using it, first the appearance you want to hide, second the added server route and possibilitys of those being less than honest.

Thanks in advance!


Tor is also slow, and many sites don’t work because of the high traffic from certain IPs. Tor reroutes you through many different IPs to hide where you are, but there’s only so many it can choose from, hence the high traffic.


Part of my switch to opera way back many moons was the need for speed, so if tor is slow, thats not impressive at all :smirk:

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Opera is Chinese now.
It has been one of my favorites.
Hope they don’t screw it up.
Firefox seems to have quit working for me.
I’ve resorted to uninstalling and reinstalling it a couple of time, but no dice.
It used to be nearly flawless, wonder what happened.
Oddly, Waterfox, which is a derivative of Firefox works fine.
Go figure.


I need to switch my desktop browser… I switched on my phone from Chrome to Safari.

I don’t like desktop Safari though.

I used to use Firefox, and probably will go back to that.


I cant stand Oprah! Should have sent her fat ass to china decades ago!
(I’m aware its a different opera):joy:


I’ve been using Firefox and prefer it to Chrome; but barely.


So looking into TOR/VPN’s closer, and I don’t know any of this for certain

It looks like when your online (normally) data packets are sent out and intercepted/resent at server locations along the way

a traceroute shows not always on a straight path, perhaps largest bandwidth?

TOR/VPN reroutes to selected locations with the idea the end location does not know where you came from

But selecting TOR/VPN you bounce from what appears to be coffee shops, hotels, gas stations (determined using IP/ longitude/latitude) and I’m guessing unknown to the hosts (pirated locations) I can not get why this seems to be a trustworthy way to surf the web?

In other words to hide your location you trust all the detailed (extensive) data from your device and network to unknown people using potentially hijacked locations (a guess) which I can also guess could be used to locate your specific network (front door)

Anyone more knowledgeable or actually using these with comfort?

I have a VPN built in my browser and turned it on, went for a virtual walk and whoa

did not like the scenery along the way.


I knew you were operating out of Russia Robert!

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:man_facepalming: I make it too easy


always said Robert was a Russian Bot


We prefer cyborg thank you very much :robot:

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Which browser? I’m ready to ditch my main browser, Comodo Dragon for something that isn’t google-based (or firefox based because I hate firefox).

Tor seems like it would work for me but my remaining questions are pretty important about it. First, just the act of downloading Tor means you are added to the N | S | A’s watch list (source). That’s a no-no for me. I don’t do any illegal activity but I sure as hell don’t want to be on any sort of “list”.


For now I’m sticking with

The Chinese own it but its likely a matter of time before they own it all

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Not computer savvy, but what do people think of duckduckgo??

Haven’t used it, tried dogpile and a couple others but just go ahead and put it all on the GNSAGLE search instead

May I ask how you would know who is looking?? Not looking for stealth but maybe a bit of ambiguity. Just now starting to get the idea that I would like Google and others to be looking elsewhere while I am trolling the net. Thanks.

Just because you’re not paranoid or interesting doesn’t mean they (see link) are not watching

it all feeds into AI

I cannot use Opera again. Its slow, too bloated and I just don’t like the interface. Sadly, I DO like the interface of Comodo Dragon / Chrome and that’s a shame. I wonder if there is an alternative download location for Tor that won’t put me on any sort of watch list so I can try it out.

I tried it for a few months. I like the idea and thought behind it but I found myself not using it and I went back to the evil empire. Something just seemed off about it and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’ll probably try it again. If you’re a casual surfer it would be perfect.