Internet Browsers


Ah, yeah, its Chinese, but its not slow by any-means

Ironically Infowars mentioned that yesterday (Chinese part) and also mentioned UGEtube, need some recognition coming this way

BTW you log into Tor network, so the download isn’t an issue, to my knowledge


It used to be slow, perhaps the Chinese sped it up? The interface is still garbage like Firefox. But that’s my personal preference.

I forgot to also mention my second question from my original post. I don’t want to see any of the dark or deep web stuff, just the happy-go-lucky top layer, does Tor have the ability to block that stuff? Obviously searching google for that answer will likely get me added to the list I’m trying to avoid being added to. I just don’t like uncle sam spying on law abiding citizens. But who knows, perhaps all of us on full30 are already on a list. :crazy_face:


I’ve used Opera since before the history on their history page

and was happiest with 12, if you’ve ever tried and had slow issues I couldn’t explain

I still love it even though I resent the constant changes/updates/new features I don’t want

as to TOR, dunno, no plans to run it, and its likely not “a list” but rather “the list” :thinking:


I used Opera from the very first public release version–and that was so long ago I cannot even remember the date. It was slow by comparison to google chrome. Its interface is also a bit clunky by comparison but that like I said was personal preference.

I suppose I will just keep using Comodo Dragon then and start using their VPN.


Chrome copied Opera, Opera was at least a decade before Chrome


Copied yes, but I still maintain chrome did it better for me personally. Doesn’t mean Opera is crap, because it isn’t (firefox is though, hate it). I’m not trying to turn this in to some this versus that debate but more of an exploratory discussion about more secure alternatives. :wink:


We are all probably being watched in that the government is capturing everything it can and indexing it so it can be searched (if needed). If you do use Tor, all they’ll have is that you downloaded it. Beyond that they’ve got nothing like they ALREADY do with conventional browsers. If you ever get their attention, they can search the past browsing for additional evidence. The trick is to not ever get their attention.

Having the information they have and actually applying it to a particular person are two different things.


Firefox with Ad Block Plus and Ublock Origin ad blockers installed. Older version though! Newest doesn’t support 5 of my add ons!


Personally, I just use Firefox. I love it. I have adblock ultimate installed and noscript. What are you looking for specifically? Security? Anonymity?

That said, it is a shame they purchased opera. I never really used it much, but I did experiment with it on XP. It provided a nice counterbalance to firefox. But It just didn’t meet the needs that firefox did at the time. So I didn’t really go back to it.


XP & Opera 12

Like an early Bronco with a rifle rack :sunglasses:

I’m settled in with Opera for now, was doing homework, to busy with other things to give it to much thought overall but thanks for checking in :+1:


That sucks that Opera is now Chinese. Opera has been my backup (Facebook) browser for years.

I mainly use Comodo Ice Dragon, which is a spin-off of Firefox. I like it a lot. I use HTTPS Everywhere, Decentraleyes, Cookie AutoDelete, and uBlock Origin with it. I don’t use AdBlock Plus because too many websites block access if you block ads using a plugin. Instead, I use Steven Black’s hosts files and block the ads that way.


@Robert I think the main question here is “What is your requirement for a Web Browser?”

They all have their pros and cons. Just realize that everything that you do on the Internet is Public and you cannot guarantee 100% privacy. Even Tor has its problems. One of its problems are that the Exit Nodes are very well known.

Not to mention the FBI has malware to infect computers to spy on “Criminals”. They let a case of someone watching child porn go to protect the code of their Tor Malware that they infected a site with.

Yes you can VPN, Tor and other software and services to hid your presence on the Internet… but you realize that Nation States as well as attackers are working on compromising those services. Unfortunately, being on the Internet you just need to realize that you are being spied upon by basically everyone. That is not to say that you shouldn’t try to protect yourself (you should), you just need to decide what evil you are going to live with.

Ok… stepping off my InfoSec soap box now.


Mac user?


I’ve been using it for several years and it works fine. For browsers and search engines, I try to avoid the Big 3 (Google, Apple, Microsoft).


Actually I decided just that question and I get it from Opera :sunglasses:




Good man.