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I am about done with a lot of Firearm Forums…A lot of them are turning into, I’m scared of the Anti-Gun crowd and offending anyone…A lot of forums used to boot the people who started the the, You don’t need large capacity magazines, Bumpfire stocks, Short barreled anything, Large collection of Guns…now most of those clowns are catered to…I see more forums playing political correctness vs. Standing up for the 2nd Amendment…I will assume advertising money is more important, I often wonder how many obama lovers and voters join gun forums just to slowly sway those on the fence to help Infringe even more…


Not something I’ve seen here. IMO, it comes down to those running the show. If the admins and mods don’t monitor the site, the antis will slowly take over, just like what happens when bots start to show up and post crap.


Full30 is the only board I visit. I was done with ARF and TFB a long time ago. Bloody kindergarten overthere… Either way, I don’t have time to be very active online.

#4 has some decent guys in the technical forum but way too much chest thumping. M4carbine is kind of a circle jerk forum and you will get banned for proving any of their mods wrong, some good info but the general attitude is bad and some of the info treated as gospel is just wrong. The firing line is pretty retarded and so is the high road forums both have crappy mods that are ban happy, I got banned for posting a link to an article by Larry Vickers (I think) that had cussing. Then got banned again for telling a mod to provide proof that AR15s are unreliable after posting a dozen links to legit instructors that have completely different opinions and experiences with the platform then he did. Full30 is by far better then 95% of the other general gun forums.


For another good general firearm forum try the zombie hunters forum, im not into the zombie stuff but there are some good threads and decent folks over there. They are more of a general survival site with a big firearm sub forum that uses the zombie thing as humor.


The only other sane site out there is snipershide. I never stumbled upon any douche baggery there.


I’ve been involved in a lot of forums over the years, (started back in the late 80s with ARPnet, WWIVnet, and a few others), started as a member, ended up as a mod or admin. One forum had a bunch of admins and mods that were on a total power trip, what they said was law. The site ended up falling apart and the owner who no longer cared, sold it. With that all the admins and mods started their own forum, exact same topic and scorched earth the one they left. I stuck around and ended up as senior admin. The site grew and is still doing great to this day. Those who run the site can make it great, or kill it. When you act like God, you will kill the site. When you listen to and encourage everyone, the site will grow. When staff is hardly ever around, the site will die, when staff is there to lend help, the site will grow.


There has been some clowns on there, but they get rejected very quick…


I will have to check that place out, thanks.


What are you talking about?


CZ Forum at is a very well moderated family friendly gun form that has a lot of free exchanges of information. Discussions that become too heated get stopped before they become flame wars, trolls are quickly eliminated, and content is fresh daily. Full disclosure - it’s my board so I’m partial, but aside from moderation that sometimes irks the free-speechers, (who STILL don’t get that the 1A doesn’t apply to a private internet forum), we have a darn good time. I think I am the last gun forum that auto censors foul language - I get enough of that at work.

Go to The High Road and see how many people with post counts of 200-300 are suddenly popping up with “ideas” to change the laws to “keep anti’s satisfied so they don’t come back for more”, and other equally nutty ideas. I am suspecting you are absolutely right.