Intervenor Motion Filed in New York NRA Case

NRA seeks relief from the Supreme Court of the State of New York to remove corrupt Lapierre and protect the NRA members.


Unless I’m missing something that would fix what I know of that’s wrong with the NRA today. I see it as a good move.

But the move by NYS is to dissolve the NRA. NYS is at war with it (us). I hope the motion works. LaPierre is a good spokesman, but he’s just too “overpaid”.


The nra as it sits is deep into the red/blue battle paradigm, doesn’t matter what we do or what they do as long as that paradigm hold. Promise you on a federal level neither red nor blue want you armed at this point.
Plenty of good 2A rights people to give a shot with our support before we put our hopes in a “leadership change” at the nra. Their time has past, they were a large organization so it will take years for the fire to die down, they will flare up at times but they are on the way out, Peppy Lapew caused a massive loss of confidence, the horsepower it would take to rehabilitate them would be better focused on supporting a political party that will uphold the 2A and get the nfa repealed


Flabbergasted that it takes that effort, can’t imagine how it gets to that level