Introduction From WichterCR_184


Good afternoon from the frozen tundra also known as Minnesota.
Thank you for providing this platform for sharing ideas an knowledge. I look forward to participating in this adventure


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome @WichtCR_184
Great to have you here!




Welcome to Full30.


Welcome to the forum Brother! Form one Minnesotan to another.


Welcome to the forum!






Welcome to Full30 forum @WichtCR_184 Good to have you here. I’m just to your east, tired of the cold.

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still got a few miles to go and welcome.






Welcome! Stick around, you’ll like it here!


Thank you everyone. I am very excited to be a part of this group. I am new to building ARs (its already an addiction) I am looking forward to picking up tips, training and advice along the way. I will contribute if and when I can. Thanks again





Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.