Introduction: L&N nut says hello from The Tree Farm In S E TN


I found Full30 because of the Military Arms Channel on youtube. No spell check in tthis text box? I mostly work on pistol shooting for self defense, and I am interested in Skeet. I like shotguns also and would buy too many just because I think they are neat. My first gun was a CVA 1860.44 Army cap and ball revolver kit bought in 1987. Anyway I forgot what the third thing was that I was supposed to talk about.
L&N nut Jon


I shoot in a small valley next to my house and at the Cleveland Hunting Rifle and Pistol Club.
L&N nut Jon




Yes, welcome, por speling nad all!!


Welcome to the forum


Thanks guys. At the moment I am looking to connect with holster makers hobbist and otherwize. I have just started leather work the last few weeks and have made a dual 1911 IWB magazine pouch, but I made a lot of mistakes and am looking for tips on how to improve.
L&N nut Jon


Welcome to Full30 forum @LandNnut Good to have you here. I live in Cleveland too, but it’s a different Cleveland. I’m in Wisconsin. :sunglasses:

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Welcome aboard




Welcome to the forum Brother!


Welcome to the Forum. Glad to have you here.

Sorry did you misspell somting? I didn’t notice.


Welcome @LandNnut
Great to have you here


Welcome to Full30. Glad to have you here.


Welcome to FULL30. It’s a very collegial group that are easy to learn from, and listen to.




Welcome to the forum