Hi! My name is Rachel, I am graduating nursing school in May and starting the process of finding a pistol and getting comfortable with it for my conceal carry in the future. I’ve been shooting for 6 years, mostly rifles though.


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Find a local range that rents handguns and try several to find out what you like and can handle. Then take a good training course. Don’t let someone tell you what you need make your own choice.


I second this reply. @Jtr is on point.


Hi @Rachel, glad you found our forum. You can learn much here. Glad you are taking steps to defend yourself. I would echo what others have said. Try out a bunch of guns at your local range and decide what fits your hands as well as your chosen method of carrying. I prefer on body carry, and that can be tricky for girls. So make sure you factor that in. Won’t do you much good to have the perfect weapon that you can’t carry. And train, train, train. Then practice, practice, practice. Have fun, too.


Thank you, I will definitely go do that!


Thank you, I will do that and start looking at best ways for me to carry!


I have been married long enough to know that you let a woman make her own choices .


My wife is also a nurse and i’m glad to see the value in protecting yourself. You cant help your patients if you cant help yourself. :slight_smile:


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