Invitation only?


With YouTube deciding it doesn’t like the US Constitution and that it doesn’t want my viewership, I was hoping that Full30 was going to suddenly grow by leaps and bounds, and maybe quickly develop an app to handle the traffic. How disappointed I was to find out that video contributors are by invitation only. This has got to change. Anyone who wants to start creating firearms content must be free to do so. Orherwise, we are left with predictable, perhaps ultimately boring subject matter. The firearms hobby is far too diverse to be exclusionary.


Ok well this is the third thread started on this subject. It doesn’t help to make it better by posting the same topic in three different places. If it’s a new site let’s be patient and help make it better. Stop the gripping and make it a good site.Let’s all be a help not a hindrance. The gun haters would love to see it fail. This is a instant world and people want everything fast and now. Chill!


I’m pretty pissed off. I got a notice to migrate to this site from Scorpion Tactical on Youtube and I can’t post videos without an invite? F this Stick. I had 143,000 views on my youtube but I have to wait for someone with millions of views to okay me to post my content? I’ve got 8 years worth of videos that need to find a new home.


It’s not new and appears to be abandoned oh and people don’t like to be told what to do! Very rude!


It’s not that I “abandoned my post”, but I am an old guy, a YouTube expatriot, who is a total novice to posting in general and Full30 in particular. Give a guy a break, and YOU don’t be rude!


And, BTW, I see my, and other’s, thoughts about exclusivity are being heeded. Good on Full30!!


Full30 will be opening it’s doors to all creators soon, and you can reserve your channel here

Our primary goal right now is to complete our system rebuild which will allow us to invite everyone to our platform without destroying the company in bandwidth cost.

I hope that this explanation addressed your concerns and we look forward to having you on board soon!


So for anyone as ignornt as I am. When I asked my spouse what is the why of this?She’s the techno half of other half. She asked me to think about all the wharehouses full of servers,tech. People bandwith energy $$$$$ ect. Sucks but Rome wasn’t built… Bad thing is who payed for Google Facebook Twitter internet. Ect. In the first place hmmm …was it we the people ,through the back door? Shirley you don’t think zuckerberger created. FB on a drunken college weekend?Nah


All good point and things we deal with on a daily basis. Thanks for your understanding!