Invitational Run n' Gun - Beggs, OK

A couple weeks ago, I got a text from my buddy, Nick Brim, inviting me to participate in a Run n’ Gun. Nick has access to some land near Beggs, Oklahoma, set up a RnG course and he invited a few of his friends over for a try at it. He gave every competitor a start time and offered high praise and accolades as prizes.

Nick is a seasoned veteran of RnGs and regularly works at the Oklahoma RnG at Pawnee. I figured Nick knew what he was doing and his course would be interesting and challenging.

This event was somewhat unique as only one competitor could be on the course at a time; and Nick was the only RO working. Nick would meet the shooter at each stage, riding a little motorcycle from stage to stage. I don’t know how many acres this tract of land is, but Nick utilized nearly all of it (from what I could tell).

The trail was a combination of open grassland and heavy woods. The trail started at the parking area, made a long loop through a hay meadow to circle to the first stage, the dueling tree. Shooters then made a larger loop through the woods and ended up at the last stage right at the start/finish line. My GPS failed about halfway through, but I was told the entire course was about 2.3 miles. There was a couple of water obstacles (which I failed miserably at crossing) and lots of briars and undergrowth to negotiate. There were some run-of-the-mill green briars, but there were some souped up ones as well, sort like green briars on steroids. When one of them grabbed you, you stopped in your tracks to untangle yourself. Several competitors suffered some scratches and puncture wounds as a result of these briars.

The shooting stages were very challenging. Nick had the usual cast of obstacles, such as a dueling tree and a VTAC board; and made the stages a little more difficult by using smaller targets at longer distances. There were rifle stages, pistol stages and a combination stage. There were a total of 6 stages scattered along the course. One stage required you to pick up a hostage (a plastic mannequin) and hold it while engaging pistol targets (for some reason I was expecting one of those blow up dolls). All targets were steel and scoring was a combination of stage shooting times and overall run time. The wind, which was ferocious, added a level of difficulty for both the run and shooting. There were some rifle targets that I normally would have hit offhand or kneeling, but the fierce wind made that nearly impossible. It forced you to go to prone where target visibility became an issue.

Nick is a good athlete and ran the entire course in 30 minutes, he ended up being the fastest runner. Carter Fairless was second fastest, and he just continues to amaze me with his running skills and conditioning; and Carter isn’t a young man! Results were tabulated and emailed to competitors later in the evening.

A total of 11 guys ran the course and there were some great shooters and runners at this event with most being veterans of several RnGs. We all had a good time running and gunning in Okmulgee County. I want to thank Nick for hosting and I look forward to attending more of his events. I think (hope) Nick’s goal in doing this event is to prepare to host a full-blown RnG event sometime in the future.



Great fun,

I was wondering what was ok about beggs…

took me a minute, I don’t have much to do with OK and never heard of Beggs :grin:


Carter impresses me with his run times every time as well.

Sounds like you had a good group of people out there!


Sounds fun. Looks like y’all had a good time. I’ve heard of a few RnGs offer a 5K run, but have only done a 10K. 2.3 miles sounds like a RnG sprint in comparison!


The layout of the land and the limited number of acres forced a somewhat shorter distance. But don’t let the lack of distance fool you, this terrain made this RnG very physically challenging.


Oh no doubt! Certainly didn’t mean to imply that the shorter distance made it easy in any way. It’s still a good distance, and you still have to carry all the extra weight and go through physically challenging obstacles with all that weight, all while trying to keep the heart rate and heavy breathing from ruining a difficult shot.