IO Inc AKs: True or False

I’ve seen on the internet all the negative and horrible testimonials on IO Inc AKs. Everything from Rob Ski’s AKOU vids to forums. I have noticed that most of these testimonials come from 2-4 years ago. I have seen a couple AKM247s at local Gun shops and shows, and I haven’t seen much if anything wrong with the rifle. If anyone here has experience, not second or thirdhand hearsay, I’d like to hear it. I’ve checked front sight posts, bolt carrier groups and rails, safeties, and rivets and haven’t found any problems.

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Avoid. Like. The. Plague.

I hear murmurings that they’re not in the best financial shape. All I know is that their AK’s are the absolute worst guns I’ve ever had the displeasure of handling.


Thanks @MAC. I guess I was just being the eternal optimist. X that one off my list and on the the Palmetto PSAK47.

I as well am optimistic when there is a bunch of internet rumor (i LOVE my norinco 320, despite the internet telling me it was junk). However AKOU proved that IO was junk - they procured physical evidence that those weapons are made with inferior metals / parts.


Avoid any and all AK47/74 with a cast front trunnions. They all eventually have problems with head space.

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Avoid any and all AK47/74 with a cast front trunnions.

This :arrow_up:

I have a PSA AK and it shows no signs of any problems with the bolt/trunnion…I do not try and burn it up like some of the online tests and figure it will last as long as I need it to…I also have a RAS47 and it shows no signs of damage either…I also have a Izhmash Saiga Sporter that I did the trigger conversion on, Russian surplus furniture and a few other small parts and the internals on it wear wise do not look any different than the PSA or RAS…we will see as round count grows…

The only AK that you may/ will have a problem with, that you mentioned will be the RAS. Buy a go, no-go, and a field gauge to “see” / track the wear. Most people will not run enough rounds to have a problem. Once you run ~2000 rounds check your rifle with the gauges. The saiga, and PSA should be fine to the best of my knowledge.