Iowa Girl missing




I was thinking of doing the same. Thank you for posting! Hope the authorities get some answers soon on her whereabouts.


Sad. I’m a father, I’d be a wreck!


No words seem right…



Words aren’t what I’m thinking about.


And this is the world the left wants to live in? I just cannot believe we’ve fallen this far as a nation. These illegals that commit murders should be once convicted immediately walked out of the courtroom and executed by a firing squad.


Yes, and we should build that wall with their bodies and bones.


The similarity can not be coincidence


Germany has the same problem.


And the people should be ashamed for letting that country and Merkle turn it in to such a shithole. I really used to love Germany but now I just don’t get how they’ve fallen so far and are almost worse than the French.


I’m not sure the citizens would agree, thats the similarity, a one world government in the making by breaking down the borders.


I wonder if thier general population is much like ours in that most didn’t want more “guest” than could be assimilated but those in power didn’t care because they " knew better" " " the extra set of quotes was just for those who fuss about using quotes .


What happened to this poor young woman is the reality of failed border policies and current laws. I strongly suggest that you get everyone you know on board with President Trump if you wish not to see anymore tragedies such as this one.

Get out the vote for Trump and his supporters before it’s too late.

We’re fucked if the dems take back the house, you can bet on it!!!


Imagine if Obama’s birth certificate had been treated the same as Trumps various “offenses”
CNN/APN = :face_vomiting:


Odds are they will though.