prepping shows are about all we watch


I watched part of the video on YT…….The COST of food may be worse than scarcity…Civil War, not anytime soon, probably never…the Iran thing is one of how many situations that happen on a regular basis, the one’s we never know about are the one’s that are way more dangerous…I Prep for bad situations, mainly weather/power outages. I used to prep more years ago, but after many situations that looked like they would blow up and really create nationwide issues…and nothing happened, I slowed way down because most YT and Forum stuff is mostly done to get subscribers and likes which makes them money…I think a lot of them started with good intentions, but once they started to make some money they do it just for that and come up with all these scare tactics….If you look back on YT some of the same people have made numerous videos that today, tomorrow or next week will be the end of the world and guess what ? nothing happened, but they keep making videos about it…


it’s not the zombies, attack from Mother Russia or rocks falling from the sky that we need to prep for but the more normal events that could impact us.
Can you on a moments notice evacuate from your home - what do you take, what do you leave (and this is as simple as a fire next door).
Weather sirens are going off - what is your plan of action.
You wake up to no power because of a local weather event and you discover a couple inches of water and rising.
You wake up to no power because of a local weather event and it is sub zero, no heat and by all reports no idea when the power will resume.
The factory down the road that has caught fire and the toxic cloud is heading your way.
You wake up to heavy smoke in your house.
These are what we need to prep for, the every day crap that we hope doesn’t affect us - not the one in a million.