Is a 99-percent solution to stop mass-murders good enough?

We can stop most mass-murders today. The bad news is that we built this problem of mass-murder and celebrity-murderers. The good news is that we can fix it. There are the solutions we should use, the solutions we could use, and the non-solutions that politicians have used already.

Combine a few simple facts. First, mass-murderers attack “gun-free” zones. Second, you stop mass murderers where you’re allowed to be armed. Third, mass-murderers are afraid to fail and we spread doubt everywhere we go.

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WOW @RobertM is it good to see you back, I’ve thought of your mission work a lot recently, sadly your career is in demand right now :pensive:

The Diocese where I am located recently issued this email

Dear Fellow Disciples,

You may have heard about the hoax active shooter situation at Nouvel Catholic High School and at the diocesan headquarters last week. Here’s the story:

Referring to that incident, the diocese yesterday promulgated this new weapons policy (below), which also pertains to all parishes and the Sacred Heart Mission. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jane Sills or 989-797-6657.

Weapons Policy:
While on any property or facility within the Diocese of Saginaw, employees and visitors (including vendors, contractors and volunteers) are prohibited from carrying weapons. Weapons include, but are not limited to, guns, knives, devices, substances, or any explosive material that could cause destruction or bodily harm.

This general prohibition includes visible or concealed weapons, even those for which the owner has a valid permit pursuant to Michigan’s Firearms Statute, Act 372 of 1927, MCLA 28.421, et seq.

Exceptions to this prohibition may include those individuals listed as being allowed to carry under MCL 28.425o (5a-k), such as law enforcement officials.

The Diocese reserves the right to search any person entering its property or while performing services for the Diocese offsite. This includes the right to search property, equipment and storage areas including but not limited to, clothing, personal effects, vehicles, buildings, rooms, facilities, offices, parking lots, desks, cabinets, lunch and equipment boxes or bags and equipment.

Any employee found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. The Diocese reserves the right to report to law enforcement any individual or individuals in violation of this policy.
February 2023

Four days in a row I responded, only one of the four was responded to so far

This is it, in its entirety

I’ve asked for discourse, if there’s more to expect, offered to dialogue, sent links I found here to demonstrate the need for defensive posture, today is a new week, I don’t know where this will go or what to do but believe in the cause enough to go further if you have advice on the matter, in any cordial manner of course.

Thanks again for posting :hugs:


I am of the opinion that they feel that all personage will obey such rules. It is a proven fact that only the law abiding citizen obeys such rules .
The person who commits gun violence crimes in so called "gun free zones " have no intention to obey any rules. The only persons free of guns are the law abiders.
There has to be seen by those who make such rules that they are leaving those inside those zones defenseless.
If the object it to protect than why make those inside it defenseless?
IMHO the only way to make those gun free zones safe is to have armed gaurds there 24/7 to ward off any encroachment by those who do not and will not adhere .
That also brings its own set of problems also.


When the Concealed Handgun License (now License to Carry with open carry legalization) first became law here in TX, churches were on the “cannot carry” list. In 1999, a church here in Fort Worth got shot up, prompting a relook at the prohibited places list. The law has since been changed to leave it up to each individual church to decide how they want to handle security. Some have hired security, some have a dedicated “member security team”, some just allow parishioners to carry, and some might prohibit it all together. Since the law has been changed, there has been another church shooting in this area that was minimized due to a member security team being assembled at this particular church. The guy that took the shooter out was a former firearms instructor and the trainer of the church team. He took the shooter down with a headshot.

I carry at my parents’ church. It’s in a bad part of town and the church is ok with it. I’d even say that they are appreciative of it. I sit close to one of the entrances when I’m there.


The last time there was a school shooting in Israel was 1967…
They armed all the teachers.


Clearly they don’t want any shootings which is why they offer resistance, likely they offer resistance to other dubious things as well.


I hope they change that policy, Robert. The Catholic Church I go to here in Texas used to also prohibit firearms, but I noticed lately that they now only prohibit permitless carry and licensed open carry. However, licensed and concealed are now allowed to carry. I don’t know if all Catholic Churches in Texas or the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are like that, though.


Thank you, I hope so as well but since then I was told the issue is closed and asked to consider it as such.

So it is, I do.

I attempted to put a lot out, none received, I had more as well, not desired.

Here’s the thing, we are told in scripture the Saints will be overcome, I believe scripture.

Now, here’s where my thinking gets…

Here’s where I have to reflect on Gods will vs my will, it involves history, and in almost every instance I can come up with being unarmed as a people means :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull:

That’s 99%, here’s the 1%, and I won’t go into it other than to post a page screencap and link to the source, its beyond controversial and I don’t know that I can defend it, but do suggest it, let the reader discern.


How to stop a bad man with a gun:

A good guy with a gun, some times several dumb good men with guns…


Oh yes they do.
Thats why everyone of these mentality ill fools are given drugs and act out. The kill themselves.

This is done to make the masses hate sporting firearms, and want them selves to be saved by the gobermint.

There has been a huge push to get rid of semi autos, because the state knows that they will have a hard time fighting we the people.

Using the FBI crime stats from any year. You will find that our of 14,000 deaths by firearms a year. only about 350 are form long guns, and only about 50 from semi auto long guns.
Yet they are the worse thing in the world according to the media (who invented the term assault stuff)

You are 1000 times more likely to be beat to death, stabbed to death, hit by a drunk driver our die from malpractice in a hospital then from a semi auto long gun.
Not my feelings, the FBI facts.

So as Fletcher said in Outlaw Jose Whales :
Dont piss down my back and tell me its raining"


The solution is cut off the supply of mind altering drugs to the CIA so they cant plant these sickos in our midst.


lol, all you need to do is go to your local mental heath “store” and sign up with whatever your perceived disability is

From there you’ll be eligible for a monthly check to keep you from needing to work, allowing time to play some first person video games, watch some gory anime, add in a few movies and sitcoms to warp what remains of your sensibilities

Of course there are theories that is all CIA mind control so perhaps you’re onto something :man_shrugging:


When I was a lad, this show used to scare the pogees out of me.


MK Ultra, not a theory, fact


As I wasn’t there I prefer theory, facts are easier to defend if you witness them first hand

For instance, its a theory this was the predecessor to COVID


First thing that came to mind, I’m sure there’s others.