Is A Chest Holster Useful?

Did I miss a potential application here? Someone earlier suggested using a chest rig when riding some type of bike which is a thought.


I would really like to find a holster good for backpacking and I’m talking an all out backpack not a day pack. So it would have a hip strap and a chest strap. You have any suggestions for a holster good for that?


Very useful for activities where you need two hands free.
Such as;
Fishing, hiking, climbing.
There is a deep canyon nearby.
It requires some scrambling and a few rapels by rope to get down the cliffs.
The chest holster was the best way I found to retain the revolver without damaging it.
While fishing, the chest holster was nice because it kept the revolver up high, away from the water line while wading, or walking in the stream.
While snowmobiling, the chest holster, or shoulder rig, was more easily accesible with heavy winter gear on than a hip holster, which would be buried under multiple clothes.
While hiking the chest holster is more balanced than having a firearm swinging from one hip, or tugging on the belt.
However, sweat is always more of an issue with both the chest holster or shoulder rig.
The holster itself traps heat and sweat right in the hottest point of your core.
I just had to take breaks and ventilate at times.
The other downside of the chest holster was the way it inhibits deep breathing.
It takes getting use to.
I still use the chest holster when a climb is expected, because it protects the firearm from being scraped on rocks.
The shoulder rig kinda sucked for climbing because it swings around a lot.
OWB hip carry was worst of all due to the constant care involved in preventing the gun from being drug or banged up on the rocks.
IWB was not even considered due to sweat from physical exertion being too great and having a lump of metal stuffed right where you are trying to bend your body doesn’t seem great.

Once on the river, chest carry really shines.
Having both hands holding a fishing pole, it is easy to just let go with dominant hand and pull the revolver quickly.
The hand is already right there.

I do carry a backpack.
And at times, I have stashed the gun in it, light rain etc.
My pack has a sternum strap, but I just leave it loose.
Just enough to keep the shoulder straps on but not too tight where it interferes with the holster.

Edit: Why snomobile armed? In the high country we have moose. They stay up in the high woods all winter. They can and have tried to stomp snowmobilers. You can find videos. Then there are the 2 legged predators. More rare, because you have to have something on the ball to own and ride a snowmobile. But it is the same as any other reason for carry.
Chest holster was better because if you take a fall on a sled, your gun is not getting driven into the snow… as much as with hip carry.
I do NOT recommend on-body carry for boondocking, cornice jumping, etc. Put your gun inside your float pack for that.
But general riding, trails especially, chest holster carry is pretty good while snowmobiling.
It also keeps the gun warmer so that when you go inside, there is less condensation on the gun than owb hip carry.


I bought a badlands pack that has a holster on both sides for a handgun and a rifle .


A chest holster would work great for mountain biking too.


I have 3 badlands packs. The 2800, 2200, and summit

I don’t like the placement of the holster but yes it works


@SteelPinger yep, had someone else comment about bicycles and motorcyles… could work well for those. @Matt all good info, thanks for adding to the conversation!


I know I get a little wordy sometimes.
Been sorta cooped up lately.
Thanks for the encouragement.


no problem, that was pretty stellar… you should write articles for gun stuff man


I’m no where near as good as you guys.
But thanks!

Ah, I do like this Alien Gear cloak holster for my Walther PPK/S though.
Haven’t really broken it in yet.
My LCP has been hogging the carry.
Maybe time to give it some wear.


The only chest holster that I really like is by “Diamond D Custom Leather”. I don’t really want to spend that much cash for something that I won’t be using very often. I opted for a very small one strap pack that I can drop my revolver or pistol into and retrieve it easily. I don’t have a pic of the small pack but I got it from Keep…


In a vehicle yes. The “Miami Vice” holster rig looks a lot like what aviators use. I guess you have to sit with a holster on your hip to see why it sucks. I mean trying to draw if you had to.