Is anyone less having video lagging issues (or other)


between the videos lagging now (in particular older MAC Channel) is anyone else experiencing this issue, which also includes the videos not starting properly or not being able to view in full format until the advert runs.


Finally some good music


Yes that has been happening all day for me as well. I’m sure Full30 is working on trying to supply enough bandwidth to support all the new content coming into it. That’s my guess at any rate.


The videos seem fine for me on my iphone and if I use chrome. If i use safari on mac they do not play automatically, i get a black screen and i have to click and then the video plays.


I can’t even get the videos to play ever, logged in, who knows ? Just a blue line and a small pic. of video ?


getting annoying with the stuttering videos, tried change the video resolution to see if that makes a difference, so far no.


I’m traveling this week - California/Arizona, Chicago and Boston / Atlanta - I check full30 in the AM and PM usually and haven’t noticed any issues at all out here on the west. I’ll be on the east/south next week.

Maybe helpful to mention where (generally) you are if you’re having trouble in case it’s something regional?


I’m on east coast (PA) I’ve had no issues so far