Is the .40 S&W dying off?

The .40 is losing popularity. Do you see it completely dying off or do you see it sticking around like 10mm and .45 acp did?

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It has lost popularity. I still carry one, ever day. But, at some point, people decided to stop talking about it, all together. I’d vote, but I’m not sure what yes and no mean. Yes, it’s losing popularity? Yes, it’s dying off? Yes, it’s sticking around? Yes, the 10mil and .45 stuck around? Why does one have to be a fan of the round to vote on market trends? I’m so cunfused! I’m just gonna close my eyes and click one.



“Yes” means yes its dying off and losing popularity and “no” means no its not.

I keep seeing .40 cal pistols go for alot cheaper than 9mm or .45 and they are everywhere, so I was wondering wtf is going on to cause this.


Truth is, it’s never really been that popular, to begin with. Law enforcement, mostly. Then, with “ammo crisis’” being a thing, it was usually easier to find due to it’s lack of popularity. The real nail in the coffin was the FBI finally did an actual study comparing 9mm, .40, and .45. And they came to the conclusion anyone who understands how to calculate force already knew. They’re all the same (What?! He can’t say that! .45ACP will ALWAYS kill you deader).

All things considered, 9mm and .45 exert the same amount of force on the target (because mass x velocity squared). Shot placement is what matters. So, due to 9mm being cheaper, it’s more cost effective for law enforcement to train more with 9mm to help ensure better shot placement. And, the additional magazine capacity allows for better odds to get that shot placement in a critical incident. And, as a result, they switched back to 9mm. And, several law enforcement agencies (as they generally do) followed suit. Giving credibility to the 9mm guys who have said all along that capacity trumps caliber. And, nothing will sway .45 guys. Probably ever. But, you know how those .45 guys are.


The .40 is a good round, the stopping power of a .45 with nearly the load capacity of a 9mm. My only issue with .40 is how snappy the recoil is. Hurts my hand after a mag or two.


I am starting to realize that its impossible for me to decide on just one handgun caliber.

Losing popularity yes dying off permanently highly doubtful.


Losing popularity from LE maybe but not overall and not from the public. The .40 S&W is quite a nice personal defense round. I was unsure about the cartridge until I threw some down range last year for the first time. Now I respect it. I didn’t find it any more snappy than 9mm +P with the XD I fired them through. There are way too many oddball cartridges still available on the market to buy so I have no doubt the .40 S&W will be around for a long time…barring any banning done by the anti’s. It isn’t something I’d carry personally but I could easily recommend others to give it a go. And if the .40 S&W versions of pistols are cheaper then that’s a bonus!


On a larger handgun it’s not a problem. Smaller sub compacts, I’m just not a fan. I ended up selling my .40 and use mainly 9mm now


Good point about the sub-compacts. That would be a handful.


I don’t think it will go extinct, but it’s definitely losing popularity. My local gun shop doesn’t like taking .40 cal trade-ins because they are difficult to resell.


At one time I was a big fan of the .40 (especially since my LE buddies were all letting me use their ammo lol).
With that being said, I have always loved the 9mm over the other pistol calibers.
I have tendonitis and arthritis in my hands and right forearm, I can shoot 9mm all day, no problem. I can shoot a full size .45 as well. But just a few rounds of .40 and it sets off my tendonitis like a fire alarm. I don’t know why…the recoil impulse just happens to be just right (or wrong) to mess me up. No more .40 for me.

I do think it’s popularity is tanking though. Most LE agencies are switching back to 9mm (I know of three in this area). Most civvies follow LE and military, so a lot of agencies and civilians are dumping their .40s.
Most of my LGSs are overstocked with used .40s and they’re far cheaper than the 9s or 45s.


Merely the fact that people are still talking about it means it’s still relevant. It’s definitely not as popular as 9mm or .45, but neither is .357 Sig or .380 ACP and those have remained. If .40 ever truly dies out of mainstream popularity, it will just slip in with the “other” calibers. But it will never really die.





Every round has its pros and cons, I dont have any issues with .40 S&W. I have owned a few in the past but never really warmed up to the round.
That article had some neat info but the guy obviously has personal issues with 9mm lol.

Look at the first two comments, caliber snobs/wars at its “finest”:
avatarmlk18 says:

May 12, 2017 at 13:03

You forgot to add [Satire] at the end of the title.


  1. avatarBCG says:

May 12, 2017 at 13:59

No kidding. This is a fake news feel-good piece designed to .40 owners with their poor choice. A .40 is just big tires on a Chevy Luv.

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I read those as well, and haters gona hate

I’ve not done much .40 as I usually am running cheap, or expensive , on/off hot/cold and rarely running down the middle


So, never a chance to miss a dig, what keeps you from liking AK?