Is the Robinson Arms XCR a decent rife?


Are they still around? Im not looking to buy one or anything just curious what happened to them and what people thought of them. Outside of the Scar (mostly the .308 version) the other rifles from the militaries botched m4 replacement test are kind of dead platforms it seems.


Heres the wiki page on them if you dont know who they are.


I still get there news letters/ e mail and they were at shot show 2018, so they are still around.


They even offer 224 valkyrie models now.
It’s just hard to justify the $2000.00+ price tag when I just got a new CZ BREN new in box for $1500.00. Just to name a few in the same piston Carbine realm.


The XCR seems like a “SCAR-minus” to me. I don’t know if it has the track record to warrant it’s price. It could b perfect, but I haven’t heard enough to drop that dime on it. I think the big draw for it is the plug-and-play customization, but if you want completely customizable, the AR has cornered that market.



Has anyone heard any more info on these rifles? i’m looking for a good .308 DMR and my the XCR with a 20" heavy barrel has me interested.


To the best of my knowledge they are great, but I don’t know a single person that owns one.


A number of rifles have tried to tap into that market, just like the ACR.

But you have to get established to take full advantage of the plug and play marketing scheme since you need the aftermarket support for that.

No one has seemed to widespread convince companies to stop making AR parts and starting making parts for their rifle.

Especially since some of these companies haven’t even followed through on some of the conversion kits they promised.


Now that is very true.


Like the ACR…yep…bushmaster ruined that one.


By all accounts, great concept and rifle (other than the barrel twist).

But they didn’t release all of the conversion kits they promised, and when the manufacturer isn’t supporting the rifle, why would the aftermarket support grow? If the aftermarket support grew, it could have been quite the popular and excellent rifle.

And that happens to other rifles. It’s just so hard to compete with the immense parts variety, quality, and availability for the AR-15.


The ACR had horrible QC , mine was very problemstic at first. I like the design alot but it just never had a chance with BM in charge. I think its funny they are finally releasing some stuff after 7 years.


Seems like the XCR is continuing to be well supported by Robinson Armament, they’ve recently come out with .243 rem conversion kits and are still pushing the product.