Ishapore 2a1 Restoration

Got one in sporter configuration. So perfect condition for me.

Pics of restoration to follow.


Judging from your other work I think this will turn out just fine!

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It did come out pretty good but the colors are not what I was hoping them to be. Parkerizing was too light and i didnt want to add the paint over it.

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Remember that some specimens were painted with Suncorite.


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Here we go… I am realizing I had more stuff in videos than the pictures I took.

First stripped the finish off the metal.

Then turned my attention to the wood.

Decided to cut a piece of the already cut down forestock.

Patched the Buttstock with the new piece of wood.

Realized that the forestock I bought for it was warped

You can see how the inletting for the nose cap is twisted off compared to position of the trigger guard.

So… Decided to try and steam it…

And untwist it

Bedded the forestock and shaped a bit.

At some point I believe I abandoned the forestock and buttstock. Reason being is that the one I thought was twisted was actually machined off.
The new one needed to be patched to produce a tight fit.

The parts were parkerized and wood was finished in BLO

This was one of my less successful projects…


is this one chambered in 7.62?

Yes, and it was a PITA finding a proper length bolt head.
The one that was on that bolt was machined at an angle. The face that is. Pretty horrible.


Your parkerizing came out pretty well on that one. I have had an issue with color consistency on the one No4 that I did for my own personal use.
Edit: Don’t worry, I removed that wallpaper.


“Less successful”? That’s still a damn fine restoration, about 100x better than I could do.


That wood looks gorgeous!!!

By the way, LibertyTreeCollectors has a few mk2 stock sets in stock.

Thanks. Pure linseed oil really has no substitute in my book. I boiled the stock first before I did anything else. Bad picture but you get the idea- I got lucky with this stock set.

I should jump on those sets… you never know what kind of sporter you might find in the future.

I “gave away” my No4 Mk1 LB that was chambered in 7.62 with Parker Hale sights, that and my early issue No.5, I curse that relationship every day, at least the relationship I am in now likes guns.

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Indeed. If I had any space to store them I would get at least one mk2 and one mk1. They have both.

That sucks. My wife (second and THE ONE) is a goddess. She introduced me to guns actually.


It’s great that you have a wife that supports your hobby! I’m also blessed in that way. Do you plan on painting over the parkerizing or leaving it as is?

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Probably leave as is.