Israeli commando brigade switching from Tavor to M4


I am not going to use this article to start another ‘Vs.’ thread but I do find it pretty funny how much they jump around on weapon selection. Goes to show that the AR is still a viable platform even when stacked up against more modern designs.(the AK has proven this too).
From the article:

"Israel Defense has learned that the IDF Commando Brigade will replace its current Tavor assault rifles with M4 Carbines.

The brigade has already received the first batch of the new rifles, which will arm both regular servicemen and reservists. The Tavor AR was used in the Egoz and Rimon units.

This move aims to standardize the weapons carried by all warfighters across the brigade. Naturally, the process could take some time."

Why is the IWI Tavor not more popular?

IWI is sending me a Tavor X95, can’t wait.


Did you trade them an AR15 for it? :rofl:

What exactly is the difference between the Tavor and X95?


The X95 is a bullpup


So is the Tavor?


Tavor, brand name, X95, weapon.


Makes sense, I thought IWI made the X95


The x95 is their so-called improved model of the original Tavor. They made the controls more to mimic the AR-15 hoping to sell to that crowd. I prefer the Tavor in the controls that originally comes with if I wanted another AR-15 I would have bought another AR-15.


How are the controls different?


from what I understand, the x95 set the controls up in the same positions the AR-15 is set in. The Tavor originally had them set in different locations. For instance the mag release is not where you would find it on your AR



charging handle is also slightly modified


Ive shot the tavor, I liked it. Not sure I would like the x95 though.


I just saw this thread. Ironically I’m wearing the shirt to match!


My 2 cents. I favor the original tavor


I as well!


How is your AR15 setup, got any pics? Sorry have to ask , being an AR15 fan boy and all.


Cool shirt, btw. :+1:


They’re scattered throughout the forum lol I’ll take some pics tomorrow & put up