Issues with factory ammo and headspace

Ok, posting a photo (I hope) of a stuck case I removed from a Savage AXIS today. Client fired 5 rounds, 4th round was split… 5 was stuck. It was “dipped” 6 months ago, has a rusty chamber and barrel shows signs of minor pitting from not being cleaned after the dip was applied.

So… I grab my trusty no go gauge, figured with the rust in the chamber, no way this was going to fit… and wow… bolt locked up easy as pie. Well, time to clean the chamber and reset headspace. Customer wants to know if I will have it finished by hunting season. My responce? “You and 30 other people…”


Any way for you to take pictures of the chamber?

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Oh I can probably take a photo. It looks really pretty :rofl:

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Smh I always hate getting in a rifle or pistol in that shape
Makes me want to strangle the person that did the actual work for not doing it right the first time

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Tomorrow? If I wanted it done tomorrow I would have brought it in tomorrow.

I’m on another forum and members are complaining that Pacific Tool has a disclaimer on their benchrest bolt-heads stating that they should be installed by a gunsmith. What’s up with that? Are they just avoiding a lawsuit or generating business for those greedy gunsmiths?

No, they know a little information is a dangerous thing.


You probably can guess how many “gun smiths” there are popping up in town. Some do not qualify as a armoror let a lone a gun smith. One posted that after something like 10 years he picked up his first vice…
People come in and ask me to help them to start reloading ammo… “building up a load” so they are really able to shoot… hahahhahhaa