It must be close to Halloween!


Holy bat crap, the joker and the riddler have teamed up!


That’s a grossly disgusting looking site that almost makes me lose my lunch!


Kill self.


Oh hell no! I am not taking the bait on this one! I would eat a bullet before… I’m flagging your comment and I hope you are banned from the forum for eternity! You are a sick sick man!


What comment? I have no idea what you are talking about…


Wait, has anyone seen the “Bat-Signal”


One time when I ate shrooms…


This is the worst post of the day
She should never grace our forum


You shouldve seen my post to this earlier, Loonwolf ( @LonewolfMcQuade) threatened to tell the mods so i deleted it.




I saw it. That’s just wrong in so many ways.


Funny. They’re filming “the Joker” IIRC [don’t do hollyweird except to pirate their crappola.] so they went to a city that looks [and smells] like shit…dnc destroyed Newark NJ -carjacking capital of the world and cory bookers worst fear. He ran buggered [LOL] eyed scared from the demonrat ruined shithole.

I think he knob gobbled on Broadway for years w/ t-bone

On the dnc short list for POSUS.


Everywhere I see a story on this manmuncher… I add that clip.
Triggers dnc stooges everytime.




Could someone put that on FB?


Well, they COULD… But Zuckerpunk’s gestapo would promptly delete it.


The responses would still be funny.