It must be Monday....

Well, it must be Monday, again, because the newest episode of Covering Fire is up. We wing a conversation about the impact of a world without paper money. We had an expert guest, but they didn’t show up. So, we just had to fake it and pretend like we knew what we were talking about… Just another episode of Covering Fire, really. Lol

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I use MMS, its very good stuff, its demonized by the FDA for a reason,
its been documented to cure malaria, don’t know about the other things

Yes, I used to live in FL

and drink while mowing :shushing_face:

The gift card idea will be like the casinos eliminating coins, they pick up on all the change that’s not turned in, you want to wait in line to cash in a 50 cent casino voucher?

How about slowing the pre-pay gas pumps, people wont wait, they stop pumping with 20 cents left

calculate those annually and you can make a lot of money

so the conspiracy is more of a rip-off that preys on making it cost more in time for you to get your .37 cents change back than its worth


Well, you’re drinking bleach. So… That…actually… kinda explains a lot. Lol


I recommend studying it, very valuable resource

21 CFR §173.325

Study Hydrogen peroxide also and compare sea water to both

MMS is actually Acidified Sodium Chlorite , you make it by mixing with citric acid, it gives a nice bleach smell that alone would likely kill what ails ya, it has a short life span and you only use drops,

I also have a ozone machine, another great resource


Another of @Robert’s home remedies…



The reason this is being pushed is for absolute control and remove any trace of individual autonomy left this nation and the world. Think about it, who control’s the computers and databases that store all this “financial” information. What happens if they decide your a big PITA and shut your accounts off, then what. Suppose they just want to “punish” you a little for not being a good surf so they cut your account value in half. Do you really think that these self checkouts and credit card companies are not keeping records of what you bought and where. How much easier and more intrusive will it be when this is implemented and there is no more cash. Lots of BIG questions with virtually no good answers. THIS IS A BAD THING!

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!!


LOL, sometimes toss in a good thing or two would ya? :sweat_smile:


I do see my posts on the Glock G-45, They are all good. Pretty much any gun that you can point and have a reasonable chance of hitting your target is a good thing any more.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!!