It (newer version)

Does anyone know what kind of OTF that the character Henry Bowers uses in the newer version of the It movie? I’ve tried to look but I can’t see anything that tells me. I’m thinking it might just be like a cheap Chinese OTF but maybe one of you knife buffs might be able to tell me


Have you read the book?


Yes, a few times. Of course in the book (which takes place in the 50’s) for the kids portion Henry uses a “switchblade”. While it never really said I’ve always imagined it more of the Italian stilleto type which was popular for that timeframe.

Of course neither the newer It or the TV mini series was super faithful to the book. They both had different pros and cons. I will say I did think no one would be able to touch Tim Curry’s job of playing Pennywise but Skaasgard did do a really good job.