It will never make the news.

It happened in a small town in the South 2 years ago.
I was standing in line at a grocery store 10 minutes before close.
A young man walked into the store and then around behind the registers in the opposite direction that people usually go.
He was skinny, dirty looking and clutching something in his left hand in his pocket.
All of my alarm bells went off… I moved my cover shirt to the side and put my hand on my pistol in such a way that he couldn’t see me. He was nearly completely focused on the cashier.
He approached her and at the last second looked at me.
We locked eyes, realization that he had been made washed over him. He quickly backed off and trotted out of the store.
I relaxed my grip on my weapon and finally took a breath. I looked to my right and the person there was on her phone. The Cashier was still scanning goods and her customer was fiddling with her wallet all oblivious of the horror that was hunting them.
I will never forget that day for one reason.
The Wolves are ALWAYS hunting. If there is just one sheepdog in every location they will never win.
Fight not for just your rights but, for the sheep. That they can remain sheep and never have to stare down evil.


You’re right. All the brutal crimes that would have happened if not for an armed populace aren’t in the media. The speed and aggression with which the government would have already stolen all of our rights and freedoms aren’t in the media, either. And, most people wander around in a totally clueless daze, wholly oblivious to everything around them. Those ignorant dummies also vote to take guns away from folks like you, who help to keep them alive and relatively safe.


The Mainstream Media will never post stories as these because it goes against their agenda to to turn this country into the Socialist States of America.
We will tell you how you are to live.
I am no “lets overthrow the government” but more of a “lets fix the government” person.
The mainstream media has an agenda to push and unfortunately the left is fully embedded in it.
Gun Control, LGBT, ect are the agenda they want to push.
At the total disregard of others they may harm.
Misinformation Central is the Mainstream Media and it hides behind the First Amendment like a shield.
And the masses continue to follow as if in a religious trance right off the cliff like a small animal we know.


Great that you were there and thwarted that possible attempt at robbery.

Unfortunately this wouldnt have made even the concervative news since nothing happened. But that goes to show that the statistics of how many crimes are stopped with guns dont even take into account the crimes that didnt occur because someone had their hand on the firearm still tucked away in a holster and simply made eye to eye contact with a potential criminal.


I agree, but I don’t think the government can be “fixed.” And, don’t worry about overthrowing it. Either it will collapse on its own of incompetence, corruption, debt, political intrigue, bureaucracy, etc. and we’ll start again, or else it will irresistibly grind us into the worst totalitarian-propaganda-corporate-surveillance-nanny-police-state-dumbocracy the world has ever known. We should know which it will be very soon.


The USA as a country has all the needs to “fix” it with us. The instructions to work on the project is already written out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


I bet that was intense. My heart would have been thumpin at a good clip!


I’ve heard lots of stories like this. Just keeping your head on a swivel and locking eyes with suspicious people helps to deter them. Now they know that someone is aware of them and it won’t be easy to get away with anything. At a minimum there’s now a credible witness and if that person is carrying, they’re going to have a bad day.